Exclusive Look: Cambria Quartz’s Fall 2023 Color Lineup

Explore the exquisite Cambria Fall 2023 New Colors Quartz Collection by IGS Countertops – A stunning palette of quartz countertop options for your home design needs. Explore the exquisite Cambria Fall 2023 New Colors Quartz Collection by IGS Countertops – A stunning palette of quartz countertop options for your home design needs.
Prepare to be captivated by Cambria Quartz’s Fall 2023 Color Lineup, a showstopping array of premium quartz surfaces that takes interior design to new heights. This season, Cambria introduces a groundbreaking texture that will redefine your sensory experience: the Satin Ridge Finish.
Imagine the sophisticated patterns and intricate designs of Cambria’s quartz surfaces brought to life in an entirely new way. The Satin Ridge Finish adds tactile depth and a subtly raised texture that you have to feel to believe. Gone are the days when high-gloss finishes were the only option; the Satin Ridge Finish is here to offer a velvety, multi-dimensional experience that elevates your living spaces into realms of unparalleled luxury and sophistication. Let’s embark on a colorful journey through a captivating lineup.

1. Cambria Windsor Brass Satin Ridge

Windsor Brass Satin Ridge Quartz Countertops showcasing a rich tapestry of chocolate brown and warm honey hues with brass metallic accents.

We’re absolutely captivated by what has rapidly ascended to be our favorite hue in Cambria’s Fall 2023 lineup: Cambria Windsor Brass Satin Ridge. This avant-garde quartz surface is truly a design feat, redefining luxury and aesthetic appeal in interior spaces. The material unfolds as a rich tapestry of chocolate brown hues, seamlessly blended with warm honey shades that not only catch the eye but also enrich any environment. What sets this exquisite color apart is its spectacular brass metallic flaking running through the material. These glistening elements add an opulent flair, offering layers of subtle warmth and a unique, captivating luster to the overall composition.
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2. Cambria Windsor Steel Satin Ridge

Windsor Steel Satin Ridge Quartz Countertops featuring a complex array of cool grays and silver metallic flakes.

Taking the spotlight as our second favorite hue in the lineup, Windsor Steel Satin Ridge Quartz brings refined elegance to the table—literally. Imagine this installed on your kitchen countertops or as a fireplace surround. The material is a harmonious blend of sleek, metallic grays that effortlessly infuse a sense of modern sophistication into any space it graces. Elevating its allure are gleaming silver metallic flakes woven throughout the surface. These intricate details do more than just accentuate; they elevate the material to a level of brilliance and luminance that is, simply put, unparalleled. It’s a choice that not only makes a statement but sets the tone for luxury and sophistication in any setting.
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3. Cambria Inverness Bristol Bay

Inverness Bristol Bay Quartz Countertops displaying subtle blue undertones amidst a versatile neutral palette.

Cambria’s Inverness Bristol Bay makes a compelling case for the power of subtlety in this collection. While metallics often command attention, this remarkable surface shows us that elegance doesn’t always have to shout; it can also whisper. Its serene blue tones weave a complex tapestry across the material, adding a sense of depth and tranquility that’s perfect for settings demanding calm and focus, such as sophisticated bathroom countertops, modern spa environments, or even as an eye-catching kitchen island centerpiece. This addition to the Cambria Quartz lineup underscores the importance of having versatile options that can adapt to various aesthetic desires, proving once more that when it comes to luxury, one size certainly doesn’t fit all.
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4. Cambria Inverness Swansea

Close-up view of Cambria Inverness Swansea Quartz, showcasing its intricate debossed Inverness veins set against a blend of earthy hues kitchen countertops and walls

In a design landscape often dominated by bold choices, Cambria Inverness Swansea Quartz provides a nuanced yet equally captivating counterpoint. This latest addition to this exciting lineup harmoniously fuses natural shades with unique debossed Inverness veining, seamlessly crossing the boundary between warm and cool tones. Its smooth finish is not just easy on the eyes but beckons one to feel its texture, introducing a tactile dimension to your interiors. Imagine this refined quartz as the finishing touch to your gourmet kitchen or as the visual anchor in a luxurious bathroom. Choosing Cambria Inverness Swansea Quartz means welcoming a rich, sensory experience into your home.
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5. Cambria Windsor Brass

Detail view of Cambria Windsor Brass Quartz, highlighting its rich tapestry of chocolate brown and honey hues punctuated by radiant brass elements installed for countertops and walls.

If you’re searching for the perfect blend of luxury and visual interest, look no further than Windsor Brass Quartz, one of the standout offerings in Cambria’s new collection. This exceptional quartz surface features a rich, flowing umber landscape that effortlessly captures the eye. What sets this material apart, however, are the subtle hints of brilliant brass alloy that trace the surface’s peaks and valleys. These metallic nuances do more than just add visual depth; they inject a touch of glamour into the design, elevating any space they inhabit. As one of IGS Countertops’ highly recommended selections, Windsor Brass Quartz is ideal for those who are looking to infuse their kitchens, bathrooms, or commercial countertops with an element of sophistication and timeless allure.
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6. Cambria Inverness Everleigh

Close-up view of Cambria Inverness Everleigh Quartz kitchen countertops, showcasing its intricate pattern of cool gray and warm, sand-honey tones accented by debossed Inverness veins.

Elevate your interior design with Cambria Inverness Everleigh Quartz, a remarkable addition to Cambria’s Fall 2023 lineup. This quartz surface isn’t just visually striking; it’s a work of art that blends cool gray and warm, sand-honey hues. Its unique pattern is further accentuated by delicate debossed Inverness veins, which provide a tactile and visual richness to the material. Versatile enough for any space, yet opulent enough to stand out, it offers the best of both worlds. Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel or updating a corporate lobby, this quartz delivers both high-impact design and understated elegance, and it’s available in both high gloss and matte finishes to suit your style.
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