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Cambria Windsor Brass Satin Ridge Quartz

Cambria’s Windsor Brass Satin Ridge Quartz Surface: Elevate your Tampa kitchen with the epitome of elegance and enduring allure on your next upgrade. This mesmerizing design weaves together deep chocolate tones and inviting honey shades, all set against the intricate backdrop of debossed Inverness veins. The lustrous brass accents meander through the stony landscape, infusing it with a gentle warmth, fluid grace, and unparalleled luster. Available in generous jumbo slab dimensions, Windsor Brass Satin Ridge is the quintessential choice for grand countertops, eye-catching feature walls, and statement-making islands.


Cambria Windsor Brass Satin Ridge Quartz

Windsor Brass Satin Ridge by Cambria is a luxurious quartz surface that epitomizes sophistication and enduring elegance.
The design showcases a rich blend of chocolate brown and warm honey tones, accented by debossed Inverness veins. Radiant brass elements add subtle warmth and a unique sheen.



  • Comprised of about 93% pure quartz crystals.
  • Fused with resins and pigments for enhanced durability and hue.


Design Features

  • Chocolate brown shades
  • Warm honey tones
  • Debossed Inverness patterns
  • Radiant brass accents



  • Impervious surface, resistant to stains and bacterial growth.
  • Satin Ridge Finish provides a slightly elevated texture for tactile engagement.



  • Adaptable for use in countertops, backsplashes, and shower enclosures.
  • Appropriate for both home and commercial environments.


Slab Specifications

Slab Dimensions: Jumbo 132in x 65.5in
Available Thickness: 2cm and 3cm


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the dimensions and thickness of Windsor Brass Satin Ridge slabs?

Slab Dimensions: Jumbo 132in x 65.5in
Available Thickness: 2cm and 3cm


What is the cost of Cambria Windsor Brass Satin Ridge?

The average installation cost varies based on several variables of your Tampa countertop project. Generally, prices range from $150 to $195 per square foot, inclusive of installation.


Which paint colors coordinate with Windsor Brass Satin Ridge?

  • Benjamin Moore ONYX (2133-10)
  • Benjamin Moore DECORATOR’S WHITE (OC-149)
  • Benjamin Moore SILVER DOLLAR (1460)
  • Benjamin Moore CHAMBOURD (AF-645)


What cabinet colors complement Cambria Windsor Brass Satin Ridge?

  • Timeless White Cabinets
  • Espresso or Rich Brown Cabinets
  • Soft Gray Cabinets
  • Bold Navy Blue Cabinets
  • Earthy Forest Green Cabinets
  • Luxurious Black Cabinets


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