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Cambria Windsor Brass Quartz

Cambria Windsor Brass Quartz contains Rich brown currents flow seamlessly against a crisp white canvas, their alluring transparency and dynamic flow accented by subtle flashes of radiant brass. The metallic highlights delicately outline the highs and lows of this undulating earth-toned terrain, adding both visual complexity and a touch of elegance. Utilize the dynamic patterns of the Cambria Windsor Brass Quartz on your next kitchen remodel.


What is Cambria Windsor Brass Quartz?

Cambria Windsor Brass Quartz elevates the standard for luxury and sophistication in quartz surfaces. This exclusive design features a mesmerizing blend of chocolate brown streams set against a cool white backdrop, enriched by subtle hints of brilliant brass. Exclusively available in a high-gloss finish and generous jumbo slab dimensions, this quartz design is not merely a surface but a definitive statement of elegance, making it the perfect choice for those who seek a unique and high-quality addition to their living spaces.



  • Composed of approximately 93% pure quartz crystals.
  • Enhanced with resins and pigments for added durability and color.


Design Features:

  • Chocolate brown streams set against a cool white backdrop.
  • Brilliant brass accents that punctuate the design.
  • Alloy accents add visual depth and a touch of glamour.



  • Non-porous surface, resistant to staining and bacterial growth.
  • Highly durable, though not chip- and scratch-proof.



  • Versatile usage including countertops, fireplace surrounds, and shower walls.
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial settings.


What slab sizes do Windsor Brass come in?

Cambria Windsor Brass Quartz is available in one slab size, Jumbo. Jumbo Size Windsor Brass Cambria Quartz Slabs measure 132 inches by 65.5 inches. The design is offered in two thicknesses: 2cm and 3cm.


How Much Does Cambria Windsor Brass Quartz Cost?

The average installed price for Cambria Windsor Brass Quartz Countertop Surfaces ranges between $150 to $195 per square foot. The final cost may vary depending on the number of Cambria Quartz Windsor Brass slabs needed for your Tampa countertop project.


What paint colors match with Windsor Brass?

  • Benjamin Moore DURANGO (2137-30): Complements the chocolate brown streams, adding warmth.
  • Benjamin Moore COLLINGWOOD (OC-28): Harmonizes with the cool white backdrop, offering balance.
  • Benjamin Moore WHITE HERON (OC-57): Enhances the brilliant brass accents, adding brightness.
  • Benjamin Moore AEGEAN OLIVE (1491): Adds an additional layer of sophistication and depth.


What color cabinets look good with Cambria Windsor Brass Quartz?

  • White or Off-White Cabinets: Enhance the cool white backdrop and brilliant brass accents, creating a clean and luxurious atmosphere.
  • Gray Cabinets: Complement the chocolate brown streams, offering a balanced look.
  • Dark Wood Cabinets: Provide a strong contrast, emphasizing the quartz’s intricate design.
  • Matte Black Cabinets: Offer a modern, sleek look that contrasts sharply with the quartz, emphasizing its vibrant colors and intricate design.


Download the Cambria Windsor Brass Quartz Speck Sheet PDF 


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