Top 8 Kitchen Styles Trending Now

Top 8 Kitchen Styles Trending Now
Top 8 Kitchen Styles Trending Now

The Kitchen. It’s one of the most, if not the most important space in your home. It’s the place where the family gathers, meals are prepared, and guests are entertained.

The style of your kitchen says a lot about your personality and sets the tone of your home. Kitchen beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is why more homeowners are investing in kitchen styles that are newer, more spacious, and design-oriented.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association found that in the year 2016, 10.2 million homeowners remodeled their kitchens. What about new home builds? They accounted for nearly one million new kitchens.

The kitchen’s style and design can transform your home from a 1930’s farmhouse in the country to a light and airy beach cottage on the coast.

So which is right for your home? Here are today’s top style trends to get you inspired.

1. All White Everything

There is something to be said about crisp white cabinetry meeting bright white marble or quartz countertops. Timeless as it is elegant, all-white remains to be one of the top choices of kitchen styles.

Clean and bright, this style stays transitional and can even create the illusion of making a kitchen seem more spacious than it actually is.

While some may argue that an all-white kitchen leaves less room for personality, there are many things a homeowner can do to add in their own special touches:

  • Colorful plates, pots, and pans
  • Bright blooms in decorative vases
  • Fruit bowls, cookbooks, and kitchen towels
  • Bold pendant lighting
  • Backsplashes in interesting patterns (i.e. Herringbone)

It’s understated luxury at its finest, and a smart choice if you consider re-selling your home in the future. Forbes also notes that hardwood flooring greatly boosts resale value.

2. Gray or Greige

While white has continued to dominate kitchen styles for years, another color is emerging on the scene: gray, or greige.

Warmer and a bit moodier, gray-hued cabinets compliment warm grey or white countertops.

Here are a few shades of gray that are currently dominating as cabinet colors:

  • For a stormy shade – Benjamin Moore, Amherst Gray
  • For a soft shade – Benjamin Moore, Nimbus
  • For a greige shade – Benjamin Moore, Fieldstone
  • For a cooler shade – Sherwin Williams, Gray Matters
  • For an earthy shade – Behr, Mushroom

Gray appliances are also gaining a lot of attention, such as GE’s new Slate line. It’s a bonus that the darker matte color also leaves fingerprints less noticeable.

3. Farmhouse

Southern hospitality at its finest. Farmhouse kitchen styles are warm, homey and inviting.

Color palettes are often neutral, and design comes together to evoke all the comforts of being in the country. Wooden accents such as exposed beams or range hoods provide further character.

The main staple of this style is a big, beautiful apron-front sink. Ceramic is a favorite, while other kitchens are using copper as a different design element.

Eat-in banquettes or a large kitchen table provide ample seating, while further enhancing the functionality of the room. The range is often a big statement piece in farmhouse kitchens. Viking and La Cornue offer “home on the range” styles and finishes.

Open shelving and large, decorative pantries are essential organization elements. Galvanized metal tins, rustic pitchers, and farmhouse vignettes are often displayed on shelves to add more personality.

4. Classic

Fresh, flexible, and often black and white themed. Creamy white cabinets with rich black natural stone counters, pair with a black painted island to create classic beauty and understated luxury.

Details are often simple, yet elegant, featuring black toned lighting fixtures, hardware, and faucets. White subway tiles are frequently used but can be arranged in a variety of patterns to add a bit of flair.

Black countertops make a bold statement in granite, quartz or marble. Quartz is quickly becoming a favorite material for kitchen use, as it is durable and easy to maintain. Just be sure to follow proper quartz cleaning methods when caring for your countertops.

5. Modern

Sleek and sophisticated, modern kitchen styles boast functionality. An efficient layout meets clean horizontal lines and natural materials.

Modern, or mid-century modern (as is currently trending) often uses simple hardware and understated lighting. Smart storage is also a key component, with frameless cabinets leaving little room for clutter.

Eco-friendly elements, such as recycling stations, sustainable cabinetry, and energy saving or “smart” appliances are also on the rise. A Nielsen study found that younger generations are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services. So if you’re looking to appeal to this market, go green or go home.

6. Eclectic

It’s a style you can’t quite put your finger on. It’s best described as a pleasing mix of colors, textiles, patterns, and decor.

Artistic flair is key, allowing for bold splashes of color and various accent pieces.

Homeowners have fun with eclectic kitchen styles, using some of the below characteristics:

  • Mismatched countertop stools or dining chairs
  • Colorful cabinetry or islands
  • Patterned backsplashes or floor tiles
  • Bohemian-inspired rugs or textiles
  • Artwork as statement pieces

Retro colored appliances work well in an eclectic kitchen. Brands like Smeg, offer bright hues such as cobalt blue, mint green, and bright yellow.

7. Rustic

When thinking of rustic kitchen styles, one word comes to mind: cozy.

Design elements come together to create charm and warmth. This includes exposed brick or stone; repurposed wood; and built-in fireplaces or wood-burning stoves.

Wood materials often dominate a rustic kitchen. Ceiling coffers, dark wooden beams, and shiplap or beadboard take the lead as popular design elements. As if having too much wood could be a bad thing, here are a few ways to seamlessly incorporate other materials:

  • Black natural stone countertops
  • Textiles for counter stools
  • Paint colors that create contrast and add depth
  • Slate flooring
  • Stone or brick accent wall

Homeowners can get creative with a “cabin in the mountains” vibe by adding vintage style decor, antiques, and large hanging pot racks.

8. Coastal

Calm and breezy, this style suits homes along the coast and beach-lovers alike.

Think light cabinetry and counter spaces, fresh and tranquil paint colors (i.e. Sherwin Willams, Sea Salt) and an open-air layout. The right windows are key in letting in natural sunlight and providing sweeping water views. You can almost feel the ocean spray and taste the salty air.

Beach decor is a given, but custom details can add dimension:

  • Aqua appliances
  • Turquoise tiled backsplash
  • Nautical textiles
  • Statement lighting pendants

Island homes deserve a large island for enjoying breakfast after a morning walk on the beach. Pair colorful beach-themed barstools with a neutral countertop, such as Cambria quartz. Follow this guide for ensuring you pick the right color quartz for your kitchen.

Kitchen Styles That Stand the Test of Time

The truth is, kitchen styles don’t always fall into a one-size-fits-all category. Most likely, your design will overlap a bit (i.e. the currently trending modern farmhouse).

Whether you are remodeling an existing kitchen or building a new custom home, keep this in mind: Leave room for personal style, but build to stand the test of time.

Consider materials, fixtures, and paint colors that make a statement, but are less likely to go out of style. In need of more inspiration or information? Learn more about additional home products and design services.