How to Maximize Your Narrow Countertops

How To Maximize Your Narrow Countertops
How To Maximize Your Narrow Countertops

Small kitchens can look quaint and cozy… until you get in there and try to cook. Narrow countertops instantly create a battle between prep space and storage area. It makes cooking more of a hassle than anything else.

But how do you conquer that battle? There’s got to be an easy way to optimize the limited amount of counter space you have.

Well you’re in luck, because there is. Limited space in the kitchen doesn’t have to be a problem when you know how to make the most of what you have. Read on to discover 10 easy kitchen hacks to get the most out of your narrow countertops.

Use a Shelf Stacker or Under-Cabinet Storage

When you don’t have the space to store items horizontally, your only other option is to go vertical! And a shelf stacker is perfect for just that. Adding one doubles the storage space on your counters without taking up any more surface area. For even more storage, stack another one on top.

Or if you prefer, install under cabinets baskets or shelves to keep your counter space completely clear.

Maximize Your Drawer Space

Drawers don’t have to be used just for utensils. They are perfect for all of the small items that normally clutter up your countertops!

Using a combination of small baskets, plastic dividers, and silverware holders, you can organize the kitchen drawers of your dreams, while giving you the counter space you need.

Utilize your Stovetop Space

Your stovetop takes up valuable real estate. And if you’re not using it, there’s no sense in letting that space go to waste!

Stovetop covers are the perfect solution. They are flat surfaces that can give you expanded prep or serving space. Depending on what your needs may be, they can cover two burners or all four at the same time.

Covers can be bought at many kitchen supply stores. However, if you simply want to make your cover custom, making your own DIY stove top cover is easy and inexpensive to do.

And Don’t Forget About the Sink

The same can be said about your sink – that’s even more countertop real estate being taken.

Similar to the stovetop covers, many stores sell surfaces that can fit into the kitchen sink opening. They come in a variety of sizes to cover just about every sink imaginable. They even have features like drains or cut-outs for food prep waste.

And again, if those don’t float your boat, the DIY option is always a perfect fit.

Make the Most of Wall Space

Empty walls can be a goldmine when dealing with narrow countertops. There are numerous storage possibilities, no matter what size wall space is available.

Open shelving is always a great option. You can fix them to the wall in any configuration that works for you and everything is within easy reach. (An added bonus is it gives your kitchen some great character!)

Hanging a pegboard is another way to add some wall storage. With the variety of hooks, baskets, and shelves available, you can change up your storage needs until your heart’s content.

Use the Empty Space Above the Cabinets

If you have empty space above your upper cabinets, why not use it for extra storage?

Take anything out of your cabinets that you don’t use on a regular basis. Get some decorative baskets or containers and load them up with those items. Then simply store them in the empty space above the cabinets.

This frees up space for the things you do use most often and keeps them within easy reach. It also keeps them off your narrow countertops.

Create a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can be a food prep and storage lifesaver when you are lacking countertop space. Whether big or small, the added surface area and shelves can be a major help.

And it doesn’t have to be anything fancy to work perfectly in the space. From stainless steel tables, butcher block tables, even console tables can work as a kitchen island.

For even more options, get a table with locking wheels. It gives you the flexibility to move the island wherever you may need it.

Opt for a Drying Rack

Many small kitchens do not have room for a dishwasher, leaving you no choice but to wash by hand. The drying racks you need can be big and take up way more space than is convenient.

Why not utilize the space above your sink? Many drying racks are now available as over-the-sink racks, which can be placed right over the sink opening. Some even come in a roll-up option, letting you choose just how much drying space you need.

Use the Inside of Your Cabinet Doors

There’s space inside your cabinets that you’re not using – the inside of the door! Just like with wall space, inside of your cabinets is the perfect area to hang items that may be cluttering up your counters. Or you can give a new home to utensils from a drawer, freeing up room for something else to be stored in there.

It really doesn’t take much. Either using adhesive hooks or installing a pegboard, you can hang measuring cups or spoons, cooking utensils, or anything else that will fit!

Create a Bonus Shelf

Maybe your counter space works for you most of the time, but every once in a while it would be great to be able to prep food and have a cookbook laying open beside you. Or have a drink handy yet not have it in the way of everything else.

That’s the perfect opportunity to install a fold out shelf! Using any wall space or the side of a cabinet, attach a shelf that you can fold out for extra surface area when needed, or it can be tucked away when you’re done.

It frees up counter space and doesn’t clutter up anything else. That’s a win-win.

The Battle of the Narrow Countertops is Over

Using these hacks will make life in the kitchen more enjoyable, organized, and give you back the quaint and cozy kitchen you first fell in love with.

Now that you’ve claimed your countertops back, ready to switch them out for new ones? Start here to get a quote!