How to Pick Your Cambria Quartz Colors

How To Pick Your Cambria Quartz Colors
How To Pick Your Cambria Quartz Colors

Switching up the style of your home is sometimes as simple as getting a new rug or rearranging the furniture you already have. Other times, it’s a bit of a bigger project – like replacing your kitchen countertops.

The countertops are an essential part of your kitchen. This is where you prepare and plate all the delicious food your family enjoys. Countertops make all the functions of different appliances come together as you’re cooking a meal.

Not to mention, the right countertops balance the aesthetics of your kitchen, too.

If you’ve been thinking of getting new counters, consider using a mix of Cambria quartz colors. Cambria quartz is an engineered stone made 93% natural quartz, built to last in beauty and strength. It requires no maintenance, even if you use your countertops extensively throughout the years.

For help choosing the right kind of Cambria quartz for you, keep reading.

Work with the Design of Your Home

Before you start browsing through all the different Cambria quartz colors there are, take a look around your home. Notice if your kitchen has a look of its own, or if it works with the design of the adjacent rooms like the dining area or living room.

This is your opportunity to either make your kitchen stand out or have it blend right in. Some homeowners like to have a contrasting design, which can work well if the kitchen is a bit closed off, or if you’d like to blend styles of interior design together.

If your kitchen has an open layout, though, it’s best to stick to the interior approach used in the rest of the home. This creates a consistent look that is seamless and welcoming.

Remodel and Revamp

As you’re thinking of how to match new Cambria quartz colors to the rest of the kitchen and the home as a whole, you may decide to remodel the entire room.

This is definitely a bigger project than just getting new countertops. But, a fresh kitchen design may be exactly what your home has been missing.

In such a situation, use the variations of Cambria quartz as inspiration for your remodeling project. After all, the counters are what blend the look of your appliances and cabinets together, and beautiful countertops are often the first thing guests notice when they walk into your kitchen.

Plus, since you’re remodeling the whole kitchen, you have full creative freedom to make this room anything you want it to be. Of course, it should somehow work with the rest of the home as mentioned above.

But, between the flooring options, various cabinet styles and finishes, a new appliance or two, and the range of Cambria quartz colors, you have plenty of ways to piece the perfect new kitchen together.

Check Out Different Cambria Quartz Colors

Speaking of the range of Cambria quartz colors, let’s explore the different options.

Browsing through all of them at once can be a little overwhelming and make it hard to compare your top choices. This is why a sense of design direction helps.

From there, think of all the Cambria quartz colors in terms of a few specific groups, like the ones mentioned below.

Lights and Neutrals

Opting for a lighter, more subtle shade of Cambria quartz can be a lovely benefit for the aesthetics of the entire kitchen.

Such tones make it easier for other things in the kitchen to stand out – like the appliances or cabinets. More so, Cambria quartz colors that are tans and whites create a classic, elegant feel. These look lovely in a minimalistic home or even in one with a bit of a rustic feel.

Some great light Cambria quartz options include:

  • Newport Cambria quartz
  • Montgomery Cambria quartz
  • Kirkstead Cambria quartz
  • Brittannica Warm Cambria quartz
  • Brittannica Gold Cambria quartz

These are just a handful of all the lighter colors to choose from, but there are many more to consider.

Dark and Dreamy Colors

As classic as white or tan countertops can be, there is something undoubtedly beautiful about a dark, dreamy set of countertops. That is what colors like Williston Cambria quartz and Westminister Cambria quartz are meant for.

Dark countertops go hand in hand with dark appliances or dark dining furniture. These perfectly represent styles like modern or industrial interior design, as well as a transitional approach to decor.

If such styles are up your alley, the following Cambria quartz colors may be, too:

  • Southhamptom Cambria quartz
  • Hadley Cambria quartz
  • Durham Cambria quartz
  • Daron Cambria quartz
  • Cambria Black Cambria quartz

All of these options are their own unique shade of black. Who knew that this one color had so many variations? It does – and there is sure to be one that is perfect for your home.

Bold, Expressive Tones

Although black can be confident and contemporary, sometimes, you need something a little bolder. That is what various shades of blue and even red countertops can do.

Here are some options to consider if you really want to make a statement:

  • Cardigan Red Cambria quartz
  • Bala Blue Cambria quartz
  • Skye Cambria quartz
  • Victoria Cambria quartz
  • Aberdeen Cambria quartz

Such options are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. These Cambria quartz colors are totally unique and just right for the homeowner who loves to create a design of their own.

Keep in mind that many kinds of quartz are not a solid color. The patterns that come with each counter option further enhance the look of your counters, no matter the color you choose.

How to Transform Your Kitchen: Start Today

Whether you’re just upgrading your countertops or doing an entire kitchen remodel, you’re going to need some help. There is much to be done between taking measurements, getting rid of the old, and purchasing and installing all the new items you want for your home’s decor.

Plus, you have to design and plan everything first!

It’s a lot to take on, which is where we come in. Our team of In-Home Advisors is here to support you every step of the way. From coming up with your new design to placing orders and managing the installment process, we’ve got it covered.

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