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Quartz Countertops Wimauma Fl
Quartz Countertops Wimauma Fl

This Week’s Kitchen came from a couple in Wimauma who wanted New Quartz Countertops in their kitchen. When you build a new home from the ground up, you should get what you want while in the planning stages. Unhappy with their contractor’s countertop options, this week’s clients came to International Granite and Stone after their house was built to get exactly what they wanted.

Meet the Home Owners

Mike Van Huis and his wife purchased the property in 2017, to be closer to their family and grandkids.  They tore down the existing home, and broke ground on the home of their dreams, they wanted everything to be perfect and to their liking.  They ran into some issues, however, when it came to the Kitchen their architect built into their new home build package.  None of the options their contractor showed them fit their tastes, and decided that they would take care of the kitchen themselves once the home was complete.

“Just give us the basic package, we’ll take it from here.” Mr. Van Huis had told their contractor.

Cambria Quartz Kitchen Remodel in Wimauma Fl

After the house was built, they immediately ripped out the cabinets, countertops, and the drywall, bringing the kitchen down to the studs.  The contents of the kitchen, however, did not go to waste.  The Van Huis were able to donate the cabinets, countertops, and the appliances they tore out to Habitats for Humanity.  Habitats for Humanity’s mission is to meet the needs of low-income communities by building more affordable homes.

Installing Brittanicca Quartz Countertops in Wimauma Fl

From there they replaced all their appliances including the refrigerator and cooktop.  They then cut down the pre-existing high-bar/bar top area and made it level into one big island.  Once the surface was level, the Van Huis took a trip to the International Granite and Stone’s Premier Cambria Showroom in Clearwater, to take a look at some big pieces of stone.  They knew they wanted quartz, but what they didn’t know was they were going to fall in love with a color as soon as they walked through the doors.  They laid eyes on our Cambria Brittanicca Counter and fell in love.

“We had your guy over a few days later to give us the official quote and sign the paperwork.  It was a done deal as soon as we saw it in your showroom” Mrs. Van Huis said.

Pictures of Cambria Brittanicca Quartz Countertops in Wimauma Fl

What are Cambria Quartz Countertops?

Cambria Quartz is the leading brand of Man-made Quartz products used for Countertop purposes. Quartz itself is rock hard found in nature, that Cambria enhances for rock-solid Countertops.  Cambria Quartz is made up of 93% Crushed Quartz, and 7% Resin.  When bound with the human-safe resin, the finished product is a Non-Porous, Ultra Durable, slab of material.  These slabs are then sent to Premier Fabricators they trust, like International Granite and Stone. 

International Granite and Stone is a Cambria Premier Dealer.  Cambria Premier Dealers are the crème de la crème in the Countertop World.  Not only does Cambria work hand in hand with these premier companies, but they also guarantee that any work that comes out of these shops with their materials, is up to Cambria’s Seal of Approval.

Brittanicca was created in 2015 and soon became Cambria’s most Popular color.  White with gray waves, Brittanicca is a crowd favorite for the look of marble.  The color sold out so many times, they decided to create different variations and twists on the Brittanicca Color.  The variations include Annicca which features waves of gold and purple gems, Queen Anne with white waves on a gray background with a matte finish, Brittanicca Gold features golden waves, with smatterings of gold specks and veins throughout.  and Brittanicca Warm with warmer semi-translucent waves on a warm marble white background.

Pictures of Cambria Brittanicca Collection

Brittanicca Quartz Countertops, Perfect for Tampa Kitchens and Bathrooms

With an In-Home Appointment and Elizabeth W’s Help, the Van Huis’s Chose Cambria Brittanicca Quartz, for Its Immense Durability and Low Maintenance. Cambria Quartz Is an American Made Quartz Product Manufactured out Of Le Sueur, Minnesota. Lighter Colors Are Preferred to Customers.  Cambria Quartz comes with a Lifetime Warranty from the Manufacturer. Buy with Confidence; Quartz Countertops are Stain Resistant and Scratch Resistant, and Never Require Sealer, Unlike Granite or Marble. Cambria Brittanicca Is A Part of Cambria’s Marble Collection.

Where to Buy Cambria Quartz in Wimauma?

At International Granite and Stone- Sarasota, We Make It Easy to Get New Kitchen or Bathroom Countertops. Shop Online, Schedule a Free In-Home Appointment or Visit our Cambria Quartz Premier Gallery of Sarasota, Featuring: Cambria Slabs, Granite Slabs, Kitchen and Bathroom Displays, Samples and More.

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