Which Type of Countertops Will Save You Time & Trouble? The Best Materials For Low Maintenance Countertops

Which Type of Countertops Will Save You Time & Trouble? The Best Materials For Low Maintenance Countertops

There are plenty of trendy and pricey countertops out there to choose from, but when it comes to easy maintenance, not all materials are created equal.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice style or quality for low maintenance countertop material.

These low maintenance countertops will save you time and trouble so you can spend more time in the kitchen doing things you enjoy.

Low Maintenance Countertops

Throw out that buffer and sponge! These countertop materials are easier to clean and to keep looking fresh and new.

Not to mention, prices for these materials tend to be more affordable than other countertops.


You may be surprised to see that laminate countertops come in many different finishes. You can find many patterns and just about anything from a hardwood look to a pearly white finish.

Whatever style you go for, laminate is a great, less expensive, alternative to other costly stainproof materials.

This sturdy, non-porous material is great for preventing unsightly stains. It’s easy to clean and replace when the time comes. Laminate can be purchased for your kitchen or bathroom from as little as $20 per square foot.


Are you a germaphobe? Good news, stylish looking zinc countertops are resistant to bacteria! 

Unlike stainless steel, zinc won’t show every tiny smudge or fingerprint. These easy to clean counters require a very simple wipe down to be cleaned. They even age beautifully.

The longer you have them and the more you wipe them clean, the more glossy and shiny they become. The beautiful patina they develop will make you glad you opted for this modern, classy, and easy to maintain counter material.

Recycled Glass

While there are pros and cons to recycled glass, this countertop is becoming a fast trend. Many more builders and contractors are using it in new kitchens. It is made with a crushed glass encased in clear resin.

The resin used to create recycled glass counters is the same used in solid surface counters. This gives your counters a smooth, shiny sheen.

Recycled glass is not only easy to wipe clean, but it also has a nonporous surface to resist stain. It’s also resistant to heat and doesn’t need the added expense of sealing.

Slightly pricier than laminate, recycled glass is still on the more affordable end. You may find different varieties priced from about $50-$130 per square foot.

Solid Surface

As mentioned, solid surface counters are resin countertops. There are a variety of solid surface counters to choose from. Some variety, such as acrylic and epoxy are resistant to impact and heat.

All solid surface counters can be cleaned with water and soap. 

The highest rated solid surface counters are manufactured with Soapstone and Corian. Because the pigment runs through the entire counter, if a scratch occurs, it can easily be sanded out.

Generally, solid surface counters are purchased at as low as $75 per square foot. More intricate designs can be up to around $125 per square foot.

Stainless Steel

There’s a reason so many large kitchen appliances are made with stainless steel–it’s highly durable. Its heat resistant nature makes it ideal for kitchens. No need to worry about burning these counters with a hot pan, pot, or even curling iron if you put them in a bathroom.

Stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion and chemical damage. It’s sure to last you many years and once installed, requires little to no cost afterward.

Soap and water or other mild cleaning supplies are sufficient to make these counters shine. Be aware, that smudges and fingerprints will be visible, but maintenance is so easy, we won’t fault this great material.

Stainless steel needs no refinishing, and no sealing. Anticipate purchasing quality stainless steel counters for about $75-$135 per square foot.


Love the look of marble or granite in your kitchen or bathrooms, but don’t quite want to pay the same price? Quartz is a classy, beautiful alternative with the same look and style as granite.

Quartz has the added benefit of being stain-proof and non-porous. 

If you’re looking for a low maintenance countertop that will last you a lifetime, quartz is an excellent choice. It’s durable, strong, and easy to clean.

As far as low maintenance materials go, it’s slightly more expensive but still leaves you with some extra cash in your pocket compared to other materials. You’re looking at paying somewhere near $100 per square foot for the least expensive quartz counter.

Lava Stone

Considered by many as the celebrity countertop of choice, lava stone is unique. It comes in a wide range of bright or muted colors to give your kitchen a splash of color and match whatever color palette you prefer.

This exotic stone is highly durable. Its heat resistance makes it ideal for kitchen work. This material will most likely be around longer than you are, it’s that strong and eco-friendly. 

Its nonporous nature makes it nearly impossible to grow bacteria and safe against scratching. Though, be careful knife edges are still a no-go.

This more rare material is perfect for those looking to avoid future repairs or maintenance on their counters. 

Because of its unique nature and stunning beauty, this material is costly to ship. It cannot be refinished either so choose wisely when selecting a color. Thankfully, your choices are wide and varied.

One of the most expensive materials you can choose for your kitchen or bathrooms, you may even have to be put on a waiting list to receive it. Still, that $250 minimum price tag is worth it if you’re into great value.

Choosing the Right Countertop for You

With all the low maintenance countertops out there to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your budget and home. 

Finding the right contractor and manufacturer for your home is essential to making sure you’re satisfied. Browse images of our latest countertop projects in the Tampa Bay area and see how we can help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality.