What to Look for in the Best Granite Countertops

What To Look For In The Best Granite Countertops
What To Look For In The Best Granite Countertops

Have you always wanted to be the host who has an impressive home decor to wow guests with? The homeowner who makes their clean, beautiful living space look effortless?

With granite countertops, you can do just that. Using granite in your kitchen creates an unparalleled sense of elegance and class. Granite works beautifully in many kinds of floor layouts and decor styles – the key is to know how to find the right kind of granite and make all the details come together.

Below are some great tips to help you choose the best granite countertops for your kitchen.

Understand Your Interior Decorating Style

Before you start tearing away at the old kitchen countertops, take a look around the whole room. Notice how it fits with the rest of the house, too.

Maybe you have a modern or industrial take on things. Maybe you absolutely love shabby chic decor or you want a classic country kitchen. There’s also a chance you have no idea what these decor styles are, or which one is best suited for you.

That’s okay, use your search for the best granite countertops as an excuse to understand and define your personal approach to interior decorating. While each style has its own set of rules and tell-tale features, there are plenty of ways to mix two or three decorating styles together and come up with something entirely your own.

Whatever you want to do, though, get a clear sense of style direction before moving forward. This will help you narrow down granite countertop options and make the final choice much easier.

The main factors you’ll want to consider are the kind of stone and the color you’d like.

Picking a Stone

Granite is a versatile stone, and granite countertops actually come in many different options for you to choose from. The most common include:

  • quartz
  • cambria
  • Caesarstone
  • silestone
  • quantum quartz

These all have something unique to offer. The kinds of granite countertops will range in price, finish, and color. But, one thing is for sure – the final result is sure to look just right.

Not to mention, granite is one of the strongest materials you can choose for your counter! Each variation available will be able to handle all cutting and cleaning needs you may have.

Deciding the Color Scheme

To get the right look, you have to pick the right color.

This is much more detailed than knowing if you want granite countertops to be a shade of white, black, brown, or blue. Many granite countertops have unique patterns and textures to choose from.

Consider whether you want something simple and solid or a more expressive, intricate design. Some granite countertops will have lovely natural waves or lines that will take your breath away.

Countertops and the Rest of the Kitchen

As you’re establishing the future style of the kitchen, you may feel a bit limited.

What if you don’t have enough space for that big island you were set on getting? Or if you’re worried the best granite countertops aren’t going to match the floors or cabinets?

Well, you have two options: make the most of the space you have right now, or take the foundation of your kitchen and expand it into something grand.

How to Make the Most of the Space

To make the most of your kitchen’s space means you do every remodeling task you can think of without changing the layout.

You find the best granite countertops and give the cabinets a little makeover. You splurge on new appliances and consider giving the walls a paint job. Maybe you get rid of the kitchen curtains and add a little more natural light in, or do something about the clutter on the counters with better organizing.

Such strategies transform the kitchen without entirely changing the space. They keep everything where it is in order to maintain a familiar feel, but with significantly better aesthetics.

Expand the Room

Maybe you’re sick of what the kitchen looks like and the granite countertops are just one part of a larger project – like expanding the whole room.

Most kitchens are adjacent to the living room or dining room. These are often separated by walls that can be torn down, so long as the foundation is strong enough to support such a change. Otherwise, you’re looking at a bit of a more extensive project to make the kitchen expansion happen.

Still, you can be sure once the granite countertops and everything else is put in place, you’ll have a kitchen that won’t need any more large projects. It’s a big one to take on, but it’s one that lasts for years to come.

Pricing, Quality, and Maintenance

Speaking of results that last, let’s take a closer look at the benefits and costs of granite countertops. Getting the best granite countertops may seem a little pricey at first, but in reality, they’re worth every penny you put into them.

The pricing will depend on the style and finish of counters you deem the best granite countertops for your home. Installation fees may also be added on, but it’s always best to have this done by professionals than to attempt it on your own.

At the end of the day, you’re left with a beautiful kitchen that looks entirely brand new – whether you actually expanded it or not. Granite countertops give all the other features a facelift. They make the kitchen more exciting, welcoming, and outright stunning.

Some homeowners say the best part, though, is the maintenance. Granite can do pretty well for itself on its own. You’ll have to do basic cleaning of crumbs and other clutter that comes with cooking and eating in the kitchen.

But, as far as repairs or upkeep, you’ll rarely have to lift a finger. There may be occasional small chips here or there. Those are barely noticeable and easy to fix.

Find the Best Granite Countertops for Your Home

You can have all the home design knowledge in the world, but the only way to find the best new set of countertops is to start looking. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

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