5 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen Countertops

5 Unique Ways To Personalize Your Kitchen Countertops
5 Unique Ways To Personalize Your Kitchen Countertops

Is your kitchen due for a remodel in the near future? Or are you choosing how to design the kitchen in your new home?

Whatever reason you’re designing a kitchen, don’t forget the countertops! That may sound obvious, but hear us out. You don’t want just any old kitchen countertops.

Countertops are a main focal point of a kitchen. People will inevitably look at them, and probably focus on them more. Your countertops are your workspace, so naturally, they’ll be seen a lot.

You’ve probably seen most of the common kitchen countertop materials that are available, but what if you want your design to stand out?

If you’re looking for something unique, there’s plenty of things you can do to personalize your countertops. Read on for five ways you can make your countertops all your own.

1. Steer Clear of Traditional

It’s a general practice to have only one type of countertop in your kitchen. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Why not try mixing and matching your countertops?

Add variety and interest to your kitchen by choosing multiple designs. But don’t forget to make sure they complement each other. Otherwise, your counters will just look like a jumbled mess.

There are lots of textures, colors, and materials to choose from. Do a little research to see what’s available and consider what would look good together.

Maybe you want most of your countertops to be quartz while one area is made of butcher block. That’s okay!

If you want to draw people to your kitchen island, try giving it a different kind of countertop than the rest of your kitchen.

You don’t even have to stick to the counters themselves. Feel free to use countertop materials in window sills, drawer and cabinet knobs and handles, and in other small details around the room.

Really ditch the norm by mixing up rounded and square edges. Staying away from the norm will really help your countertops stand out.

2. Choose a Custom Color

With so many countertops available, you don’t have to stick to what’s already available. Go for a custom countertop that’s a color you love.

This is especially easy if you’re going with manufactured quartz. Simply specify what color you want to be mixed in when the countertop is made and you’ll have a color that’s all your own.

Use the color of your countertops to help them stand out. If you’re going with black cabinets, choose a white countertop. The contrast will be stunning and a major attention grabber.

You can also draw attention to color by tying it in with objects around the room. Choose vases, fruit bowls, art, and more that are the same color or hue as your countertops and they’ll compliment each other.

3. Enhance With Additional Features

You can really personalize your countertops by adding fun additional features.

Are you adding a backsplash? Create a custom one that compliments your countertops.

Take part in your backsplash design and add it to your countertops. Feel free to embed a few of those tiles into your countertop design. This will really tie the two elements together.

For the ultimate personalization, try embedding objects into the countertops themselves.

Do you love shooting? Why not implement shotgun shells into your design?

Are you a runner with lots of metals? Display them by embedding them in your countertops!

The possibilities really are endless if you take this route. Just about anything can be embedded in your countertop, including fossils, glass, stones, car gauges, metal shavings, and stones.

Really make your countertops your own by implementing mementos that nobody else will have.

4. Add Fun Design Elements

Even with great materials and colors, your countertops may seem uninteresting if they have the same layout as every other kitchen in the neighborhood. Shake things up by adding extra features.

You’ll need somewhere to drain newly-washed dishes or vegetables from time to time, so why not create a built-in drain board? Embedding stainless steel bars into your design is one way to do this.

Go for a dramatic look by including large, unsupported spans of countertop throughout your kitchen. This uncommon look will definitely draw attention.

Really make your kitchen island the focal point by covering it in waterfall countertops. These not only cover the topbut reach all the way down to the floor, creating a unique and dramatic effect.

Or integrate elements of your own design. Do you like seamless drawers? Go ahead and add them around your counter space.

5. Compliment with Lighting

Having great countertops is somewhat pointless if you don’t have great lighting. Not only can you light up your work area, but you can use lighting to show off or compliment your countertops.

Choose fixtures that match the color, texture, and style of your countertops. Or choose ones that contrast in an attractive way.

Why not add rope lighting to the backsplash? This will let your countertop areas serve as a light source

Or, if you really want to stand out, implement glow-in-the-dark aggregate into your countertop material. You can also use lumistone photo-luminescent acrylic. Implement this fun addition into your design as a surface, inlay, or edging.

Kitchen Countertops that Scream YOU!

If you really want kitchen countertops that nod to your own personality, there’s nothing holding you back. Countless options exist for making your kitchen all your own.

Mix and match traditional materials, or come up with a design or color that’s all your own.

Try implementing less-used design elements like waterfall countertops, or embedding personal objects to really make your countertops stand out. Whatever you do, make sure you love it, because the possibilities are endless.

Are you ready to get going with your new kitchen countertops? We’d love to help you find the design that’s best for you. Visit our website to contact us today!