Should You Choose Marble Countertops for the Kitchen?

Should You Choose Marble Countertops For The Kitchen?
Should You Choose Marble Countertops For The Kitchen?

Looking for a countertop that’s safe, elegant, and affordable? Have you ever considered marble?

Marble countertops are great alternatives if you’ve grown tired of wood or if you don’t want to break your budget for high-quality granite. Marble kitchen countertops have a nice sheen that reeks of elegance. It adds a classic ambiance to your home.

Not sure about all the benefits marble can offer? They’re luxurious and they offer a lot of advantages such as:


Marble gives off this stunning and elegant look. As such, a lot of people believe that the material is expensive and as such, not worth getting. The truth of the matter is that the material actually costs less than other countertop materials made from natural resources.

The cost can still have some variation compared to the price of quartz and granite. It depends on the size and thickness of the countertop you pick. But more often than not, marble is often cheaper than the two aforementioned materials.


Marble and other natural materials have more resistance against wear and tear. It doesn’t get scratched, cracked, or break compared to other countertop materials. Having a marble countertop means that you can still make a lot of attractive design elements.

After all, marble is softer compared to granite. That means you still have an option of adding fancy edges during the process it takes to make it. If you’re fond of custom-made countertops, marble is your best material.


Manmade products often try mimicking the look of marble. Unfortunately, most of these products only have a limited degree of success. The reason behind the natural marble’s unique appearance is that it’s created through a natural process from either sedimentary dolomite or limestone rock.

Marble has a wide array of hues and colors determined by the area they originated from. Another factor used to determine the marble’s appearance is through the mix of minerals in the original limestone. As for the distinct veins, it’s formed from the various trapped impurities found in the limestone when the extreme heat-pressure converted it to marble.


A lot of ancient buildings used marble as their building material. The fact that these buildings still exist today is a testament to marble’s ability to withstand wear and tear. It can stand up against the test of time without ever losing its freshness and elegance.

After all, throughout the history of mankind, people note the material’s beauty and warmth. They’re prized because of their elegance that you can pair no matter what d?cor you might have. When you use marble countertops for your kitchen, you’re ensured that it stays aesthetically appealing in a century’s time.

Amazing Heat Resistance

A lot of people prefer using marble countertops because of the fact that it’s safer. Some time ago there was a bit of hysteria surrounding granite because news outlets stated they posed a radiation threat but this was later disproven.

Chefs and bakers favor the use of marble because of its heat resistant capabilities. It has the power to stay cool, making it an ideal place to roll out pastries. Its heat resistance also ensures that it doesn’t light up on fire or burn.

Despite this, it’s not an incentive for you to place a hot pan on its surface without prior protection. This way, you can preserve the countertop’s finish and keep it looking new.

Cons of Kitchen Marble Counters

As with any product, marble as a material for kitchen counters has its own disadvantages as well. There are two primary concerns you need to look out for. Some manufacturers don’t put warranty on their marble counters because of these two concerns:

Marble is Porous

When it comes to porosity, marble trumps granite. What this means is that the former is readier to absorb liquids compared to the latter. With this, oil, wine, and other spillage have the capability to penetrate at a deeper rate into the stone.

Using the same logic, that’s what’s makes it hard for the marble to get these liquids out. Some can say that it’s impossible given the type of material it is. Even when you place it in your bathroom, simple liquids like nail polish or liquid make up can leave an unsightly stain on the countertop.

Often, marble’s natural beauty can make people look past this property. After all, there are a lot of sealers available in the market. You can seal the marble once it’s installed and do it every few years.

If you don’t do this often, it’s only a matter of time before your marble becomes stained. It’s not the end of the world when you stain or scratch your marble countertop. After all, there are lots of products in the market that can help restore the marble.

Marble is Soft

As said before, marble is softer compared to granite countertops. While that gives you more aesthetic design options, that makes it a bit unsuitable for kitchen use. Sharp knives can leave unsightly scratches on the surface of the countertop while heavy pots or mugs can leave some chipping.

Most of these complaints come from heavy kitchen users. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you don’t use your countertop recklessly. You need to treat it with a lot of care and maintain it on a regular basis to ensure it stays fresh, clean, and strong.

Learn More About Marble Countertops Today!

The classic, timeless beauty of marble for your countertops can turn them into your home’s showstoppers. However, you need to put a lot of care and maintenance to protect it from the various potential dangers that lead to scratching and staining. Doing this ensures that your countertops become a great, elegant focal point in your home for decades to come.

If you need elegant marble countertops for your home, we can help. We sell a variety of countertops that range from simple quartz to luxurious, gem-studded options. Our countertops are durable and they can function as high points of your otherwise plain kitchen or bathroom.

Do you want to inquire about the most appropriate countertops for your home? Contact us today and we’ll help you choose one that can work best with you.