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Royal Taj Quantum Quartz

Royal Taj Quantum Quartz is a beautiful, dark gray quartz product that will stand out in any space. The colors create an intriguing sense of nostalgia while the look provides a calming and serene feel. While this generally lighter tone than other pieces, it’s still perfect for darker spaces and events to help provide balance.

Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $5.00. $5.00

2 reviews for Royal Taj Quantum Quartz

  1. Allen Miller

    Bill was very personable and not pushy, an enjoyable shopping experience. He helped us chose what we wanted, by walking us through a large selection of product, and encouraged us to take the time we desired to come to a decision, leading to Royal Taj Quantum Quartz. He is a great representative for this company.

  2. Joe Brennan

    OUR sales associate was actually Anthony Williams done a tremendous job in describing the work that need be done the price to guarantee. Love the Royal Taj Quantum Quartz.

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