The 5 Best Qualities of White Granite and Other Stone Countertops

The 5 Best Qualities of White Granite and Other Stone Countertops
White Wave Granite

Countertops made from white granite and other natural stones are a great investment for any home.

In fact, 55 percent of home buyers who purchased a home without granite countertops stated that they would pay extra for them. it’s no surprise then that granite and other stones such as marble and quartzite are popular choices when buying a countertop. And, due to their durability, homeowners can be sure that their stone countertops will remain in great condition for many years to come. Here we reveal some of the best qualities of white granite and other stone countertops which make them a great choice for your kitchen.

1. Attractive High-End Look

Marble, granite , and other natural stone countertops offer a timeless high-end look for any kitchen. But, granite, in particular, has secured its place as one of the most popular and prestigious stones when it comes to kitchen countertops. Both homebuyers and homeowners know that granite countertops can add to the value of your home. This may be part of the reason that it has become increasingly desirable. But its true appeal lies in the aesthetic qualities it brings to any kitchen. As with marble and white quartzite, white granite countertops provide unstated luxury and a clean, crisp appeal. And, thanks to the distinctive patterns present in these natural stones, they are sure to add character to your kitchen. Whether you opt for granite or another stone for your countertops, these surfaces all have a timeless flair that will look stylish for many years to come.

2. Versatile and Flexible

As well as the timeless appeal of granite and other natural stone countertops, there are many patterns and colors to choose from. This makes these materials versatile and flexible choices for your countertops. Countertops made from lighter stones such as marble and white granite will compliment any cabinets, walls, or design style. Lighter countertops offer a stunning contrast to darker or wooden cabinets. And the natural patterns of a surface such as White Ice Granite will break up the monotony of a white kitchen. Thanks to the mixture of colors on its surface, from warm browns to cool greys, white granite is perfect for any interior color palette. In terms of style, granite is ideal for classic and rustic interiors as it offers a timeless appeal. That said, if paired with the right cabinets, granite countertops can work well in a modern home too. Opt for granite with a similar pattern to marble, such as White River Granite, or quartzite such as Calcutta Quartzite. It’s a good idea to choose your countertops to match your current style and color palette. But, if you do want to redecorate in the future, the versatility of stone countertops means that you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing them.

3. Highly Resistant

From a practical perspective, granite’s top qualities are that it is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant. Other natural stones such as marble may have similar aesthetic appeal. But granite’s resilience sets it apart from many other natural stone countertops. In fact, quartzite is the only other natural stone that offers a similar resistance to scratches, heat, and stains. Stains can occur in granite if you are careless, but well-sealed natural stone countertops are very stain resistant. Clean spills up immediately and have your countertops sealed regularly to maintain their resistance against stains. Granite scores a seven on Moh’s hardness scale, meaning that only hard precious stones such as diamond and topaz would be able to scratch it. And, although you can cut on your granite surfaces, it’s not recommended as this can make your knives blunt. Granite countertops are also one of the most heat-resistant surfaces on the market. You can place hot pans straight from the oven onto your granite countertops without worrying about causing them to melt or blister. But, take care to place appliances such as crockpots on a trivet. The way crockpots emit heat for an extended period could cause cracks in the granite.

4. Durable

As well as being resistant, countertops need to be strong and durable to endure the daily wear and tear that your kitchen goes through. Granite is ideal for your countertops as it is one of the hardest surfaces on earth, and much stronger than other natural stones such as marble. Quartz and feldspar give granite its durability. In comparison, marble is weaker as it is made up of softer minerals such as calcite. And, because of how durable granite is, you can expect your granite countertop to last decades. In fact, your countertops will probably outlast the rest of your home. This durability and the timeless appeal of white granite mean that you won’t ever need or want to replace your granite surfaces.

5. Low Maintenance

Thanks to the resistant nature of white granite, you will not need to worry too much about day-to-day maintenance. Stick to neutral pH cleaning solutions to clean your granite surfaces, and avoid acidic or alkaline cleaners. A dishcloth dampened with a combination of water and washing-up liquid is ideal. Granite is more impervious than marble, making it superior when it comes to ease of maintenance. However, natural stone is a porous rock, so surfaces such as granite can still draw in liquids if they are not sealed with a stone sealer. As explained above, granite is stain resistant, not stain proof. Make a point of cleaning up your spills immediately to avoid stains. If you opt for white granite as opposed to a darker stone for your countertops this is even more important. Preventative maintenance is crucial for your granite countertops to remain durable and resistant. Arrange to have them sealed them every one to three years and they’ll be sure to last a lifetime.

Find the Perfect White Granite for Your Kitchen

As you can see there are a variety of aesthetic and practical advantages to choosing natural stone countertops such as white granite. And, thanks to the range of patterns and colors available, you’re sure to find your ideal match at our showroom.

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