Chips, Cracks, and Blemishes in Natural Stone

Chips, Cracks, and Blemishes in Natural Stone
Chips Cracks Blemishes Imperfections in Natural Stone

What to Expect from your Natural Stone

When purchasing Natural Stone for your countertops, there will always be some imperfections that are unavoidable that are just part of the stone’s makeup. This is a big reason why people like to hand-select the slabs before they are cut and installed, most people like to make sure they’re getting a smooth stone.  Most fabricators will plan and cut around the defects in the stone.

Chips, Cracks, And Blemishes In Natural Stone

Some Common Imperfections Include:

Pitting Natural crevices within the stone due to the heat and pressurization the stone endures while under the surface.

Cracks  Some cracks are OK, however, a large crack can compromise the structural integrity of the stone. Cracks can be repaired, rather than replacing the entire countertop piece itself.

Chips & Scratches– Chips are similar to Pitting, however, chips are NORMAL with wear and tear and normally occur in high traffic areas of your countertops like near the sink or stove.

Cracks in stone can be caused due to the settling of the stone or pressure within the stone if exposed to too much water and it’s allowed to penetrate the stone.

Most Cracks or Scratches can be repaired by filling with a color matched resin or epoxy.  Chips can be filled and colored to improve the appearance of the spot.  After the Chip, Scratch, Pit, or Crack has been filled, the countertops are then leveled and smoothed and re-polished.