Top 8 Kitchen Trends of 2018

Top 8 Kitchen Trends Of 2018
Top 8 Kitchen Trends Of 2018

Back in the day, kitchens used to be afterthoughts.

Now they frequently serve as the backdrop for entertaining guests and spending quality time with family. Because of this, remodeling costs for kitchens are on the rise.

While a popular thing to do, remodeling your kitchen can be a stressful and unnerving situation. This is mostly due to the enormity of options available to you.

Are you preparing to jazz up your own kitchen? Wondering where to start? You’re in the right place.

Keep reading for eight top kitchen trends you don’t want to miss this year.

1. Gray Over Stark White

When considering your game plan for remodeling your kitchen, you may begin with cabinet color. While you may think to be marketable in the future you need to go with a clean, bright white, that may actually not be the case.

The color gray is quickly becoming a top competitor for white. Try pairing soft gray and deep stained wood.

If you are skeptical of going full-on gray, you can choose upper or lower cabinets only. Alternatively, you could paint your walls gray to create a background for your cabinets and fixtures.

You could also incorporate gray accents into a backsplash for a subtle grey hue.

2. Vision of Violet

How do you feel about purple? With UltraViolet being named Pantone Color of the Year, expect to see it incorporated in homes. You may be skeptical, but it will definitely pop up in kitchens too.

Kitchen trends for 2018 include bold colors, so this violet color will play right into the expected trend. If painting your cabinets or walls purple scares you, seek other, less involved ways to bring the trending color into your space.

If you have an otherwise neutral color palette (whites, blacks, tans) shop around for accent furniture pieces in violet. Maybe snag a pair of funky purple chairs or a large canvas print.

3. Mix and Match Your Finishes

Cookie cutter and matchy kitchens are a thing of the past. For 2018, in addition to using bold colors, expect to see the mixing colors, textures, and cabinet hardware as major kitchen trends.

One popular example of this is painting lower cabinets a dark color while keeping the upper cabinets in a light and bright color. This creates more visual interest than if they were all the same color.

Also, consider using a variety of cabinet hardware. This will give you a more eclectic feel. Don’t limit yourself to traditional metal styles easier.

4. Quartz Counters

Choosing quartz provides a higher end option to granite. Quartz can be a good choice over granite because it is not porous like the latter. Porous means liquids can easily stain the surface and bacteria can get stuck.

While you can seal granite, it wears off and requires constant maintenance.

By going with quartz, you will have a more hygienic surface to prepare food on. It also is available in a bunch of colors and patterns.

5. Color Pops with Your Sink

When assessing kitchen trends, the majority of kitchen sinks are stainless steel. 2018 will see that change.

Colored sinks is a great way to add some pops of color in a neutral kitchen and to draw attention to it.

Before settling on a color, make sure it will pair nicely with any backsplash tiles you are planning to use. Consider using the sink color throughout the backsplash to create a cohesive feel.

Other options for your sink include integrating it in with your countertop. This gives a sleek style that also keeps your kitchen clean. With no lip, there is no gap where dirty water and food can get stuck.

6. Dramatic Marble

Of the kitchen trends you’re most likely to see this year, expect marble counters to bring the drama. More people are choosing countertops that have high levels of contrast and veining.

Benefits of choosing marble include affordability and durability. It looks very expensive, but it often is less expensive than other options.

Because marble is a natural stone, it also resists scratching and cracking. It is also heat resistant so it works well for rolling out pastry. This makes it perfect for kitchen surfaces.

Using a slab of marble will create a powerful focal point you can enjoy with family for years to come. While granite is a common choice for kitchens as well, there are differences between this and marble.

7. Prioritize Kitchen Storage

Because it’s not a traditional design element, advanced thought typically isn’t given to kitchen storage options. But you definitely should be thinking about storage well before you start remodeling.

No matter where you live, home, condo, or apartment, kitchen storage is a common issue.

Some smart solutions include having a pull out drawer with your trashcan and recycling bin. If you are a big wine drinker, be sure to include built-in bottle storage in your remodeling plans.

Popular storage solutions in kitchen trends include a walk-in pantry. With this space, you can store food, small appliances like blenders, and some of your dishes.

Shop around for shelving and organizational pieces to ensure everything has a proper place. If you lack enough cabinets, consider adding some floating shelves. Lazy Susans can also help use every inch of your cabinets.

8. Embrace Technology and Embrace Automation

Technology and smart appliances are here to stay and this applies to the kitchen as well.

A good place to start is installing sensor-activated lights. This will turn lights on only when people are in the kitchen and help cut down on your electric bill. Another tech beginner friendly option is a hands-free faucet.

Hands-free faucets are good for children or busy cooks who frequently have messy hands.

Which Kitchen Trends Do You Like Best?

After checking out this guide, you should be well prepared for the popular trends expected this year.

Whether you are doing a major renovation or just changing up some of your accessories, there is something here for you.

Want to discuss some potential remodeling plans? Please feel free to reach out and discuss a quote with us.