Durability: Why Quartz Counters are Best For Homes with Kids

Durability: Why Quartz Counters Are Best For Homes With Kids
Durability: Why Quartz Counters Are Best For Homes With Kids

As a responsible homeowner, you take renovations very seriously. You know that making the right style and design choices can affect the value of your home.

When it comes to your kitchen renovation, you are probably considering which kind of countertop to install. If you have kids running around your home on a regular basis, you have even more to consider. You want a sensible solution for your countertop stone.

Quartz is a great option for a home with kids, based on many reasons. In fact, a survey from the National Kitchen & Batch Association named quartz as the most popular decision for countertops in the year of 2017.

Continue reading to learn exactly how quartz counters are the best option for your children-filled home.

Variety of Styles and Patterns

Even though you want to keep your children in mind when you decide on your countertop stone material, you should also be able to enjoy your decision!

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of quartz stone colors and patterns. You deserve to have the optimal design for your kitchen. You want it to match your aesthetic style and be welcoming for guests.

Any business that offers installation of quartz counters should have a wide selection of quartz patterns and styles from which to choose. It doesn’t matter if you want lighter or darker shades of counters. You should easily be able to find the best design of counters to meet your expectations.

Maintaining a happy, friendly atmosphere is key to your peace of mind in a home full of rowdy children. You deserve to have the perfect style of stone counters that suit your personal standards.

Long-Term Durability of Quartz Counters

Most quartz manufacturers guarantee a lifetime of 10-15 years for quartz counters. That might be as long as some of your older kids will still be living with you! You can expect them to last even longer than that if they are installed well.

As you are aware, having durable surfaces within your home is crucial when you have young kids running around. Durability prevents damage and the future need for repairs. You deserve to trust that your counters are kid-proof, and therefore, damage-proof.

Quartz is a very tough material. Since children are always playing with one toy or another, odds are that eventually, they might toss one of the heavier ones down on your kitchen counters.

Instead of having a stone material that can easily be dented, rest easy knowing that quartz will not be too defenseless. It is tightly compacted stones that won’t be hurt.

Non-Porous Surfaces to Resist Stains

There is another way that quartz counters are particularly tough. Quartz is a completely non-porous material.

That means that when your kids accidentally spill or make a mess, there’s nothing for you to worry about other than cleaning it up. Quartz cannot be stained because it cannot be penetrated.

Some of the other stone materials used for kitchen counters cannot boast of the same quality. These are the materials that need consistent maintenance and applications of sealant to prevent long-term stains.

The good thing about quartz is that once they have been installed, you don’t have to worry about spilled drinks penetrating its surface. Quartz is completely resistant to stains, so you don’t have to stress about when your kids inevitably spill those drinks!

Easy To Clean and Low Maintenance

Speaking of being non-porous, this quality also allows the quartz to be easily cleaned. You’ll be happy with your quartz counters because keeping them in shape is pretty easy compared to other stone counters you might be considering.

Considering how durable quartz is, the quality will last for a long time without too much of your effort to keep it that way. This is a priceless characteristic because you can never have too much spare time on your hands once you have children running around your home. Save your energy for keeping them clean and cared for!

On a daily basis, cleaning up messes or spills is as easy as wiping down your counters thoroughly. On a more long-term scale, maintenance is considerably easy compared to other easily damaged or stained kitchen counter stones.

Quartz Camouflages Spills and Messes

If you have looked through the widely varying patterns and styles of quartz stones, you might have noticed a common theme. Most of those patterns are speckled and not just one solid color.

Because of this, you can rest easy knowing that even when your kids inevitably do spill something on your counters, it won’t be immediately noticeable. Having a varying pattern of most quartz stones means that spills and messes will be easily camouflaged.

You might have noticed somewhere in your home that solid colors on your surfaces make spills and messes pop out very clearly. If you have flooring that is more of a speckled or random pattern, you most likely have been grateful that spills aren’t completely visible to any guests that come by.

A Financial Investment

The great thing about quartz counters is that they are at the end of the day a great investment for your home. Because they are so durable and easy to maintain, you won’t have to worry about replacing your counters for pretty much the lifetime of your home.

Also, many people respect the quality and durability of quartz for kitchen counters. In the future, when you are potentially ready to sell your home, you’ll be happy that you chose quartz as the stone for your kitchen counters. Quartz represents a blend of both a classic and modern aesthetic.

Whether or not you want to sell your home, though, quartz is still a financial investment that you won’t regret. Especially for having kids running around your home, you’ll be happy that quartz is pretty much kid-proof.

We know how important it is to properly invest in your home’s renovations. We have a wide selection of quartz stones available for you to purchase for installation.

We encourage you to reach out to us for a consultation about your home’s counters. You can retrieve a quote for the installation here.