How to Measure Countertops

Step By Step Guide on Measuring Countertops

How to Measure Countertops:

STEP 1: Draw an Outline of Your Layout

Outline of How to Measure Countertops with Hand Holding Pencil Drawing a Plan on Paper

The first step to measuring your countertops is to draw a rough outline of your kitchen or bathroom. Draw a model of your space including the walls in the room and doorways. This outline does not have to be to scale, as it is in place to provide a visual to your assigned company representative and serve as a convenient place to record your measurements.

STEP 2: Section Your Countertops Into Single Rectangles and Label Each

Section and Label Each Box of Your Countertop

Slabs come in rectangular shape but often won’t be big enough to cover an entire L-Shaped kitchen with one slab alone. Therefore, you’ll want to create simple sections of rectangles in your outline. Label each specific rectangle (e.g., “A”, “B”). Measuring each section in this format also simplifies the process since it is easier to measure a single rectangle at a time, as opposed to measuring an entire L-shape. As you will see when you begin to measure, this step is crucial.

STEP 3: Mark Sink(s) and Appliances

Mark Sinks and Appliances when About to Measure Counter Tops

After creating and labeling the rectangles, mark where your sink(s) and appliances are in the outline. This will help to get a better picture of the realistic layout of your kitchen or bathroom. The more information your company representative has, the more accurate the estimate will be. It is recommended that if you are keeping your current sinks and appliances, that you roughly draw all of them on the diagram. If you are replacing your appliances and sinks, then a rough drawing of the location of each on the diagram will suffice. In either situation, if the type of appliances and sinks are known, it is helpful to note the models of each.

STEP 4: Measure the Length and Depth of Each Section

Measure Countertop Depth and Length on This Labeled Paper

Now, it’s time to measure and record the length and depth of each individual section you’ve created in step 2. When measuring length, measure the wall space used by your countertops. This will help provide the most accurate measurement. Depth is measured from the back of the wall to the furthest point in which the countertop sticks out. This is extremely important to note for countertops that may have a curve. When measuring everything, round to the nearest 1/8 inch.

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