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Granite Countertops Spring Hill Brown Fantasy
Brown Fantasy Countertops Spring Hill

Located in Spring Hill, the homeowners wanted to renovate their kitchen and do something different than a standard countertop replacement project. This week’s job is an Architect’s Dream come true. Brown Fantasy is a popular choice for Natural Stone Countertops.  A popular stone selection at International Granite and Stone, Brown Fantasy is a Granite/Quartzite Combo. The stone’s composition is commonly confused.  Brown Fantasy Countertops are made from Calcites under the ground, similarly to how Marble Stone forms.  This is often why people believe Brown Fantasy is a Marble, even though it isn’t.  Although it is stronger and denser than Marble, it still requires a sealer to protect the stone from staining and scratching.

Meet the Home Owners

The Leo Family purchased the home in 2016, after moving across the state from Orlando. They wanted something edgy with the look of 6-centimeter material, something industrial but classic.  The Leo’s went to our affiliate distributor Mont Krest multiple times, and fell in love with a lot of Brown Fantasy Quartzite and reserved it on the spot.  It had all the waves the customers wanted.  Originally, the couple was thinking about doing the project in Crystalline, but the material exceeded their budget.

Installing Brown Fantasy Granite Kitchen Countertops Spring Hill

Mr. Leo worked hand in hand with International Granite and Stone’s Nate, Operations Manager, and part owner, as well as Dustin our Programming & Layout Manager on the layout of the kitchen, making sure the stone pieces ebb and flow correctly with minimal seams.  This was extremely important to Mr. Leo, as Stonework runs in the family, with his father-in-law owning a granite shop up North.  All the pieces feature a mitered edge, creating a waterfall effect down the sides of the cabinets.  Mitered Brown Fantasy Countertops is a beautiful look.

Pictures of Brown Fantasy Granite Installed in Spring Hill Kitchen

“I knew what I wanted, it was mostly all about finding a company who could do it and pull it off flawlessly.” Mr. Leo said

What are Brown Fantasy Countertops?

Brown Fantasy Countertops are made from a white, light brown stone color which features curved veins, sometimes with green or black in them  This color is known for its gorgeous waving movement. Brown Fantasy Granite is sourced from India.  This color pairs well with many different cabinets colors because of its neutral coloring. Granite is made under the Earth, compressed with heat and pressure to form rock hard granite chunks, that are then sliced into slabs for countertops. Brown Fantasy Countertops are a universal white brown color, that will never go out of style.

Pictures of Slabs for Brown Fantasy Countertops

Granite Countertops, Perfect for Spring Hill Kitchens and Bathrooms

With an In-Home Appointment and Tim T.’s Help, the Leo’s Chose Brown Fantasy Kitchen Countertops, for Its Immense Durability, and it’s likeness to Marble. Lighter Stone Colors That Look Like Marble Are Preferred by Customers. Granite does, however, need to be sealed, to block out stains, excess moisture, and damaging liquids. We recommend resealing your Stone Countertops once a year.  Buy with Confidence, we have over 16 years of Fabricating and Installing Granite, Quartz, Marble, Soapstone, Onyx, and more in Kitchens and Bathrooms across the State of Florida. 

“My father-in-law [who runs a granite shop up north] came in here and inspected EVERYTHING after it was finished.  He was so impressed by the workmanship, he said my kitchen puts his to shame!” Mr. Leo said.

The Leo’s had International Granite and Stone cut down two high bars in the kitchen, leveling out the two L’s of the Kitchen space. They kept their original cabinets and bought a few new appliances.  Mr. Leo creatively used LED lighting underneath the countertops and cabinetry to enhance the look of the stone and make it really shine.

How to Buy Brown Fantasy Granite Countertops in Spring Hill, Fl

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