Important Details to Consider When Choosing Granite Tops for Your Kitchen

Important Details To Consider When Choosing Granite Tops For Your Kitchen
Important Details To Consider When Choosing Granite Tops For Your Kitchen

After years of marble being the top choice for kitchen counters, granite tops are becoming the material pros and families are choosing.

Given that it’s more durable and won’t scratch, it’s a smart choice whether you’re remodeling or building your house. Perhaps you’re still choosing between materials for your kitchen. There are a lot of features specific to granite that you should consider beyond the variety of colors available. Here are the 5 most important things to consider when you’re thinking about granite for your kitchen counters.


If this countertop is a considerable investment for your budget, durability is sure to be a serious concern. You want something that will weather the years of life you live in and around your kitchen. One of the main reasons people choose stone countertops is their high level of durability. A nicely finished granite countertop will resist all kinds of damage. Whether you drop a can of beans to your knife slipping from the cutting board and hitting the surface, granite is resilient. Granite tops are second only to stainless steel in their ability to resist damage. A granite countertop shouldn’t need to be replaced in your lifetime. Its durability allows it to resist chips and cracks that other countertops endure. Most granite is also heat resistant. One mistake with a frying pan won’t leave you with a burn mark that never goes away. A well cared for granite top could last well beyond the life of the house.


If you’ve got a young family, cleanup might weigh heavily on your mind. A quality granite countertop is easy to maintain. Well-maintained granite tops will save money that other countertops require for replacement or repair. Granite tops give homeowners a lot of room for mistakes. By being stain resistant, you won’t be living with the memory of that night you spilled a bottle of wine. Clean up is much easier than it might be with wood or other materials that soak up stains. And with granite’s natural resistance to caustic materials, coffee, alcohol, and citrus acid won’t cause damage. Neither will the cleaning materials that you use to wipe up those messes. Granite is an easy material to keep clean. A nicely cared-for granite top can shine for years beyond its installation. Long-term maintenance costs are low because of its high quality of durability.


Granite isn’t the cheapest material to use for your countertops. But as any homeowner who has dealt with water damage can tell you, waterproof materials are the way to go in the long run. That makes granite a natural choice for lots of homeowners. Because of granite’s high durability and resistance to damage, granite also has a high resale value. If you’re rehabbing a house to sell it in the next few years or you want to ensure value when it’s sold, Granite is the way to go. Potential buyers who come into your home will want to see that they won’t have to replace materials within the first 5 years of ownership. Granite tops are a great way to help seal the deal. And a good-looking hunk of granite can really complement your space.

Matching Your Cabinets

Consider your cabinets and countertops together. Finding a granite that matches the color of your cabinets might be the exact look you’re aiming for. White cabinets with white granite can look pristine. The specks of color in the granite can add a splash of color that makes your kitchen stand out. There’s also the possibility of contrasting colors. The detail of granite can be found in the flecks. Use the flecks to match your overall kitchen theme. Then the contrasting overall color of your slab can pop in a really creative way. You’ll have some continuity with nice contrast. If you’re new to color theory or lacking in an art degree, don’t worry. Use a color wheel to find out which colors might work nicely together to complement. If you get stuck, ask an expert at your local hardware shop. Light and color give your kitchen an overall mood. Take into consideration the overall style of home you’re building. Your home should reflect your personality and believe it or not, every design choice you make can contribute to how welcoming your home feels.

Countertops and Lighting

Think about the overall layout of your house before you pick out a countertop. If your kitchen gets natural light, one countertop might look better than other granite tops. If you’ll be relying on electric lights, you may need to brighten the mood with a different looking countertop. If your kitchen is bright during the daytime, the natural light can show off the details of a darker countertop any time of day. Natural light may cast shadows depending on the angle of your window, making your kitchen darker than other rooms. If your lighting isn’t so good, granite tops with more light colored tones and flecks can make your kitchen appear more welcoming. Having a darker granite countertop in a poorly lit room can make your home feel less warm than you intended. In general, if you want your kitchen to feel warm and welcoming, use earthier colors and darker lighting when possible. If your focus is cleanliness and showing off your stainless steel appliances, a brighter countertop might be the way to go.

Choose Your Granite Tops With Care

Once you get an idea of what you’re looking for, ask your seller to take samples home with you. Get a neutral looking towel and place your cabinet material next to it. Take a look at it next to your flooring material and make sure everything fits. Once you choose a color, start making a template for your kitchen. This will give you an idea of how much to budget for countertop material.

If you need help deciding which granite countertop works for you, contact us with any questions.