The Countertop Template Process

The Countertop Template Process
The Template Process

Digital Countertop Templating: What to Expect

Back in the day before Advanced Digital Technology, Countertop Templates were made with corrugated plastic or wooden 2×2’s. The 2×2’s were arranged over the edges of the countertops and glued together, then transported back to the International Granite and Stone Fabrication Shop. Then they would place that countertop template over the slab and cut the pieces accordingly.


Nowadays, we use Highly Advanced Laser Templating Systems.

The Countertop Template Process

Your Templator will arrive in a Licensed International Granite and Stone Vehicle on the day of your Template Appointment.  From there, they set up a tripod with the laser device attached on top in your kitchen or bathroom.  The laser then shoots out 180˚ beams of light used for measuring.

Laser Templating can be used to measure:
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Backsplashes
  • Sink Cutouts
  • Pre-Existing Sinks
  • Sinks with no Template
  • Top Mount Sinks
  • Under-mount Sinks
  • Cooktops
  • and more!

The great thing about using a Laser Template system is that they’re extremely accurate, and can be transferred digitally instantly. With the click of a button, files can be sent straight from the Templator’s phone, back to the Fabrication shop. Those files then get sent to our CAD Department for rendering and verification.  After the Template is complete, it’s then sent to the Customer via DocuSign to approve.

Another great thing about this template method is that it can be used on any shape or size material. For circular objects, pieces of paper are used to mark points around the edge, which allows for the lasers to recognize it as a circular object.