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Cambria Quartz Countertops Orlando
Cambria Quartz Countertops Orlando

Meet the Home Owners

We have seen many Formica Kitchens, and almost always do we see a degree of welling in the material.  Swelling refers to the expansion of the wood laminate countertop material, from absorption of water and humidity.  Out with the Old and In the with the New, Mrs. Brannigan knew that her Formica Countertops had seen better days and needed replacing.

Installing Ella Cambria Quartz Kitchen Countertops

The original counters in the home were made from Formica, with green specks.  Formica is a laminated wood-plastic hybrid. One of the biggest issues with Formica is swelling, which is what happened with our customer.  The client’s Countertops had too much moisture in them, causing them to become uneven and bumpy.

The Brannigan’s started by tearing out the old Countertops and cutting down the high bar on their island/  To do this International Granite and Stone Construction Service cut through the drywall and the knee wall.  The wall is then reinforced, to maintain structural integrity, and to make sure the countertops lay level.  Next came the countertops.  After seeing a friend’s Quartz kitchen, the Brannigans knew that was what they wanted too.

The Brannigans met with International Granite and Stone’s Design Rep Jessica A in their home to talk color selection, layout, island options, and cost.  Figuring out the Island was the trickier part, due to all the angles and turns cut into it. IGS’ Layout team arranged and cut the Island meticulously to meet the customer’s vision.  Jessica showed the Brannigans two different brands of Quartz, Cambria, and Quantum Quartz.  Mrs. Brannigan had originally liked Cambria Quartz Brittanicca but chose a design from Quantum Quartz to cut down on cost.  However, when it came time to template their job, Mrs. Brannigan changed her mind and chose Cambria Quartz Ella, a light and bright color that mimics the look of Marble.

Pictures of Cambria Quartz Countertops Orlando

“I knew I wanted Quartz because Granite is a lot to maintain.  I have kids who spill stuff all the time.” Mrs. Brannigan said, “Now I don’t have to worry so much!”

What are Cambria Quartz Countertops?

Cambria Quartz is the leading American brand of Man-made Quartz products used for Countertops and Surfaces. Natural Quartz itself is rock hard found in nature. Cambria enhances the stone for rock-solid Countertops.  Cambria Quartz is made up of 93% Crushed Quartz, and 7% Resin.  When bound with the human-safe resins, the finished product is a Non-Porous, Ultra-Durable, slab of material.  These slabs are then sent to Premier Fabricators they trust, like International Granite and Stone. 

International Granite and Stone is a Cambria Premier Dealer.  Cambria Premier Dealers are the best of the best in the Countertop World.  Not only does Cambria work hand in hand with these premier companies, but they also guarantee that any work that comes out of these shops with their materials, is up to Cambria’s Seal of Approval.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Cambria Quartz also has other applications, besides just countertops. Cambria can also be used as a Backsplash instead of Traditional tiles, applied on Walls to make a Statement piece, Fireplace Surrounds, Window Sills, Floors, and More!

Pictures of Cambria Quartz Ella Countertops

Quartz Countertops, Perfect for Orlando Kitchens and Bathrooms

With an In-Home Appointment and Jessica A.’s Help, the Brannigan’s Chose Cambria Ella Quartz, for Its Immense Durability, it’s likeness to Marble, and it’s Low Maintenance. Cambria Quartz Is An American Made Quartz Product Produced out Of Le Sueur, Minnesota. Lighter Colors That Look Like Marble Are Preferred by Customers.  Cambria Quartz comes with a Lifetime Warranty from the Manufacturer Ensuring the Stone’s Vitality. Buy with Confidence;  With Over 16 Years In Business, International Granite and Stone Ensures a Job Done Right.  Quartz Countertops are Stain Resistant and Scratch Resistant and Never Require Sealer, Unlike Granite or Marble Countertops. Cambria Ella Is Part of Cambria’s Marble Collection.  The Marble Collection features a variety of colors that look like Marble, but with the Durability of Quartz.

Buy Cambria Ella Quartz in Orlando

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