Beyond Granite: Kitchen Countertop Materials You Need to Consider

Beyond Granite: Kitchen Countertop Materials You Need To Consider
Beyond Granite: Kitchen Countertop Materials You Need To Consider

Are You in Search of The Perfect Kitchen Countertop for Your Humble Abode?

It is next to impossible to decide what material to choose based on your style of needs, as there are hundreds of different options. Additionally, granite is almost always to easiest choice in terms of a kitchen countertop, but there are actually dozens of other materials to make your counter stand out. The best way to make a final decision is to consider your style, budget, and space. For example, concrete counters are perfect for a more modern kitchen, while wooden counters are perfect for that rustic vibe. No matter what material you choose for your counters, consider it an investment in your future. Because, where else will you be cooking family dinners in the many happy years to come?

Read on to discover 11 countertop materials that are not granite, and channel your inner uniqueness.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is almost entirely made of quartz, and offers more color options than granite. The nonporous surface resists scratches, and it is fairly easy to maintain without any annual sealing. This option can be expensive, but it is well worth it considering that the kitchen countertop is someone you work on every day. The point of any choice you make would ideally be to enjoy every bit of beauty it offers to your kitchen in the first place.

Solid Surface

This is one countertop that is exactly what it sounds like: solid. It is resistant to scratches, and any that are acquired can be sanded out. Additionally, these could in many different colors and brands and can be customized to your specifications. However, consider the fact that it is not heat-resistant, and can get expensive depending on the style or brand.

Ceramic Tile

If you are in search of a unique and hardy option, ceramic tile can fill this need. It offers a wide variety of styles and prices, all the while being one of the most durable options. Ceramic tiles are also fairly inexpensive, depending on the design. These easily take in heat and wear, but may eventually chip or stain. An uneven surface is also guaranteed with this option, so if smooth counters are a must, this is not the best choice.


Are you looking for an inexpensive but resilient option for your kitchen? Then laminate may be a good option. They are made of plastic-coated synthetics with a smooth finish, and they are very easy to take care of. This style is not for everyone, as the seams tend to show and scratches are virtually irreparable, but in terms of the most affordable option, this is it.


Wood offers a rustic, warm, and charming look that is unmatched in terms of aesthetics. There are many options for wooden kitchen countertops, but hardwoods like maple and oak are commonly used because of their durability. The benefits of this material are that it is easy to clean, as well as the fact that it is a very smooth surface that can be sanded and resealed as needed. Who could resist these familiar farmhouse-style counters?

Stainless Steel

This material is the definition of modern, as it offers an industrial and sleek option for a kitchen countertop. It is both stain and heat resistant, as well as being incredibly durable. But, be aware that dents are possible and should be taken into consideration. It is also a more expensive option, though it offers a more seamless finish because these are usually custom made.


Soapstone is a soft, smooth, dark gray kitchen countertop material that is typically seen in historic homes. In a more modern kitchen, it can add a charming and old feel that is unmatched by other options. While this material is somewhat stain-resistant to its dark hue, it still requires the occasional treatment to preserve its condition.


This option is ultra-luxe, and it’s high price option wards off buyers. But, almost nothing can match the sheer beauty of marble. A word to the wise, marble can stain easily, but it is waterproof and heatproof. Though an investment, it is a worthy one so long as it receives the care it needs.


Do your countertops have such an odd shape that you wonder what the builder was thinking? If so, concrete may be the perfect material for your kitchen countertop. This option is actually highly customizable because it typically is cast right in the kitchen. The price tag tends to be on the higher end, but it is heat and scratch-resistant. Additionally, additives can help prevent cracking and porosity in this design. It also has the potential for colors and finishes to be added, all the while concrete maintains an exotic look.

Cambria Quartz

Quartz mimics the look of stone without the dreadful maintenance. It is an incredibly strong material, ready for heat, knives, and abrasion. There are numerous colors and designs for this option, some to mimic the look of the above stones. But, with its resilience, most cannot beat it as an option.

Select the Best Kitchen Countertop

In the world of luxury countertops, it is hard to find a reputable company to suit your specific needs. As well, countertops commonly need to be taken care of by the owner or company and it is important to find one you trust. International granite and stone are happy to help you select the best option for your dream kitchen, no matter which material you love. Check out our Cambria Quartz countertops today to start planning your next steps, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional inquiries.