2017 Kitchen Trends That Will Continue into 2018

2017 Kitchen Trends That Will Continue Into 2018
2017 Kitchen Trends That Will Continue Into 2018

When you’re working on a kitchen remodel, you want everything to come out perfectly in the end.

But selecting all the right elements for your new kitchen can be tedious and time-consuming because of all the choices. You’ll have to decide on everything from the kitchen sink and drawers to the countertops you like best. The good news is that 2017 kitchen trends are continuing into 2018 so you don’t have to think about every last detail alone. There are many features you can add to your kitchen that will keep it alive with energy, yet soft enough to enjoy a quiet dinner. Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful. Here, we’re discussing 2017 kitchen trends that surpassed the mark for elegance and functionality. Keep reading to learn more!

Black and White

If you’re wanting a sleek and clean layout, black and white kitchen color trends are happening this year. Think white walls with white cabinetry and black hardware to create a sleek effect. This is a versatile style that is easily updated with future changes. You can also consider black or white countertops to finish off the appearance of clean and tidy all day, every day. Black or white granite is the perfect centerpiece to this kitchen trend. Black granite will add depth and pull the eye in as it contrasts with the white. You can also find black granite with white speckles to add an element of diversity. Some black granite also comes with veins of grey or white. White granite offers a cool and modern feel. It’s a highly functional replacement for marble because of its exquisite coloring. Use it with stainless steel appliances and silver hardware to captivate your guests with your updated kitchen.


2017 kitchen trends that are popular in color are also bleeding into 2018.

If you prefer bright colors and accessories for your kitchen, choose colorful accents to highlight the major aspects of your remodel. Believe it or not, you can even get a colorful sink to really make your countertops pop. If you want to go crazy, you can consider engineered stone countertops that come in a wide variety of colors. These countertops are durable and long-lasting, resembling stone without the hefty price tag. And, you still get to have a colorful kitchen that’s classy instead of settling for something colorful that won’t last as long.


With all the updates in technology over the past decade, it’s no surprise that kitchen trends are incorporating tech-savvy devices and appliances. There is a slew of new items available today to make your life easier in the kitchen and you should absolutely incorporate these into your kitchen remodel. 2017 kitchen trends aren’t trendy for no reason, after all. You can find garbage cans that scan barcodes as you throw items away. After scanning the barcode, your trash can will add the items to your digital grocery list that you can access from your smartphone or tablet. Smartphones can also control the settings on various oven brands that feature remote control settings. There’s no reason not to use these innovative trends because all they do is make your life easier, your kitchen more functional, and your space more aesthetic.


One of the most important trends in 2017 kitchen trends is a minimalistic approach. A kitchen is supposed to be functional and spacious enough for entertaining. It shouldn’t be cluttered and full of unnecessary extras. Hide appliances that you don’t use every day and get rid of old accessories that are taking up space. Organize your kitchen so that everything is easily accessible when you’re cooking and entertaining. You might even be surprised at how much easier it is to prepare your favorite meals.


Selecting new countertops for your kitchen may be the best part of a remodel. After all, it’s the countertops that really make a kitchen stand out. There are many different styles of countertop you can buy. We recommend a stone for its durability and pizzaz.


Granite is a unique stone with grains large enough to be visible with the naked eye giving it aesthetic value. This stone is resistant to stains making it one of the most popular stones for countertops, especially in kitchens. Granite is porous, however, so you’ll want to be careful with germs and staining foods that could fall beneath the surface. You’ll also want to have the countertops sealed before use.


Quartz is nearly indestructible. This makes it a viable option for people or families with a lot of kitchen traffic, or a kitchen that gets a lot of use. It’s easy to keep clean because it isn’t porous like granite. This will also help keep bacteria away. You can find quartz in a wide variety of colors and even some that look like real granite. Quartz is a bit more expensive than granite but depending on your needs, the extra cost is definitely worth the overall investment.


When you’ve updated your kitchen to reflect all the useful functions that it’s there for, it’s time to decorate! If you’ve decided on a black and white kitchen, use color accents like flowers and art to liven up the space. On the other hand, colorful kitchens may fare well with simple decor like a mirror backsplash to make the space appear larger. You may also like to incorporate the functional spaces of your kitchen to reflect decoratively such as wine racks or cupboards that expose your dishes.

2017 Kitchen Trends In Your Kitchen

2017 has been quite a year for kitchen trends and they will continue into 2018. You still have plenty of time to get the kitchen you want with all the best amenities. Make sure you don’t forget about lighting features and maybe even some new dishware. You can create a delightful ambiance in your kitchen with the right countertops. They are probably the first thing most people see when they enter the room so you want them to make a statement. You also want your countertops to be functional and wear-resistant because they will endure the most beatings over time.

When it comes to updating your kitchen, there are a lot of big decisions to make that will last for years or even decades to come. Don’t get stuck with countertops that you don’t like or won’t last. Contact us for a quote and superior service!