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Altair Quantum Quartz

Altair Quantum Quartz has a white and creamy background with black, gray, and cream speckles, offering the ultimate in perfection for anyone looking to achieve an unrivaled level of sophistication in their home or office. It is flawless, weightless, and infinitely precious.

Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $5.00. $5.00

3 reviews for Altair Quantum Quartz

  1. Christine Thurow

    Elizabeth helped us choose our vanity Altair Quantum Quartz countertops, sinks, and fixtures. She is very personable and professional.

  2. Ellen Suri

    Jessica and her presentation were extremely professional. The details of the company and products provided us with the assurance that the job would be done right. We were so pleased with the wide selection of quartz countertops and Jessica’s input was both welcomed and needed. We look forward to working with Jessica throughout the completion of this Altair Quantum quartz job.

  3. Ronald Kelley

    The installers did a fantastic job with my Altair Quantum Quartz. They were very good and cleaned up when the job was completed.

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