8 Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

8 Bathroom Ideas For Small Bathrooms
8 Bathroom Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Do you feel like your bathroom is a little too cramped? Well, it might be time for an upgrade.

Updating your bathroom can add value to your home and make the room appear bigger. While you may not have the room to install a double sink or spacious tub, there are a few little tricks to get your bathroom to feel more spacious.

From playing with mirrors to choosing your color scheme, even the tiniest bathrooms can be designed in a way that makes them look bigger.

Want to know what we’re talking about? Keep reading to discover 8 bathroom ideas for small bathrooms.

Opt for a Big Mirror

Big mirrors create the illusion of bigger spaces. They help reflect the light shining in to make the entire room look bigger. They also have the added bonus of giving you more storage with the option to include a built-in vanity.

When you’re choosing your mirror shape, consider oval mirrors. This shape makes it feel as though they are being stretched upwards and they help make the room feel taller.

Curve Your Counter Corners

Curving the corners of your counter will make the room appear softer and buy you a little extra room.

This might not seem like a lot, but if you have a truly small bathroom, then this could help prevent you from running to the corner of your counter (or at least make it less painful).

Every little bit counts in small bathrooms, so the small amount of space you save by curving the corner can make the room appear bigger.

Choose Transparent Shower Doors

Traditional shower curtains tend to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. While this is great for privacy, it makes the room seem like it stops at the shower curtain.

By opting for transparent shower doors, your bathroom will look bigger because you’ll be able to see the shower as well.

There are tons of glass shower doors to choose from. If you don’t want one that’s completely transparent, you can choose one that has a little tint or fog to it. It will give a similar effect and you won’t have to sacrifice all of your privacy.

Use the Same Floor Tile in Your Shower

One of the most effective bathroom ideas for small bathrooms is to continue your floor tile into the shower. This works especially well if you have a shower stall with a low ledge and transparent shower doors.

Using the same flooring will make it appear as though the shower is simply a continuation of the room. The floor will seem much longer since it’s now stretching completely from wall to wall instead of stopping at the shower.

Keep Windows Open

If your bathroom has windows, utilize them. Natural light works wonders on small areas, and it really helps to make the room appear bigger.

So, take down any bulky curtains that you have covering them and let the light shine in!

If you would like some more privacy, you could opt for light or semi-sheer curtains. This will allow you to have the privacy you need without blocking the light.

Use Strategically Places Ledges and Shelves

If your bathroom is tiny, you may have trouble finding places to store all your things. While vanity mirrors and under-the-sink cabinets will hold most of your things, you might need a little extra room.

A standing end table might take up extra room that you can’t afford to lose. Opting for open ledges is one of the more effective bathroom ideas for small bathrooms.

If you currently keep things like your toothpaste and dental floss on your sink, it could start to feel a little cluttered. Instead, mount a small ledge above the sink to store these things. It will remove the clutter from the sink and help to open the room up.

The same goes for your shower. Why buy cheap and bulky shower caddies? Try building shelves right into the sides of your shower. This can be extra important if you have a small shower. Instead of taking up room with shelves or caddies, all your shampoo and soap will be stowed away within the walls, so no room will be lost for storage needs.

Stick with Soft and Light Colors

A general rule of thumb when designing any room is to keep colors light. Dark colors tend to make a room feel cramped, but light colors can help open a space up.

Pastels and neutrals are great options when choosing the colors for your walls and floor. But, this doesn’t mean you’re destined to have a boring bathroom.

There are tons of ways to add some fun and bold colors into the room. Consider getting brightly colored towels add a little excitement to the room.

Add Some Excitement to Your Counters and Vanity

And that brings us to this next point. While soft pastels and neutrals are great bathroom ideas for small bathrooms, there’s always room for some excitement.

Consider purchasing an ornate mirror or install some fun patterned countertops. There is a lot to think about when choosing your new countertops, so think carefully before settling on one.

Remember, your bathroom is small, so you don’t want to overdo it. Simply choose one piece of your bathroom that can act as the focal point and bring life and excitement into the room.

Try Out These Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Designing a small bathroom to make it look bigger might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By following some of our bathroom ideas for small bathrooms, such as using big mirrors and soft colors, you can make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is.

Do you need some more tips on how to renovate your home? Explore our blog for more great ideas like these.