6 Bathroom Trends to Watch in 2018

6 Bathroom Trends To Watch In 2018
6 Bathroom Trends To Watch In 2018

Are you tired of staring at the same old musty bathroom day after day?

If your answer is yes, you might want to consider a remodel. To help you out with your brand new bathroom, here are 10 great bathroom trends for you to watch out for in 2018.

Categories of Bathroom Trends

There are several trends to take into account when remodeling your bathroom. They typically fall into 1 of 5 categories: Tile, Countertops, Bathtubs, Mirrors, and Fixtures. Let’s dive right into Tile!


There are quite a few ways to go about when choosing your bathroom tile. First of all, colors are making a huge comeback in 2018. It’s not uncommon to see brightly colored and wild patterned in tile in the bathroom. Cover just your floor or go all out and hit the walls with it too!

Retro tile is also showing it faces in the world again. Tile styled as it was in the 60s and 70s pair very nicely with modern accents.

In terms of new bathroom trends, texture and color are big. boring white tile is a no go in 2018.


The two biggest bathroom trends in terms of countertops are either marble or quartz.

Quartz countertops were the most popular in 2017 and are still standing strong, mainly because they’re really durable.

There are many different styles of quartz to choose from in terms of color and style. It’s also perfect for homes with children.

Quartz, as stated above is very durable. It can take a lot of heavy damage and will most likely last you 10-15 years, maybe longer.

You don’t have to worry about your child slamming one of their heavy toys on your counter and damaging it, chances are, the quartz isn’t going to care.

Quartz is non-penetrable so it doesn’t stain. You don’t have to worry about your three-year-old knocking over their sippy cup of juice.

The black and white swirls within marble are very aesthetically pleasing. The aesthetic is why it’s in.

Some marble is rare, depending on where it’s coming from, which can cause it to run on the pricey side. The look is worth the price, however.

On a side note, before you commit yourself, marble is a soft material. If you don’t want it to scratch, it must be sealed once a year.

Bathtubs and Showerheads

It’s important to choose a bathtub depending on the space you have available. Whirlpool bathtubs are very popular right now and so comfortable, you won’t want to leave their warm embrace.

If showers appeal to you more, the Bath Authority Dreamline Range is not only popular but easy to maintain.

Consider springing for a steam shower for an at-home spa feeling.

There are many varieties of showerheads that you can choose from. Eco-friendly is a bathroom trend that you should definitely keep in mind.

There are some that mimic the feel of a rain shower, a very relaxing, calming option.

There are some showerheads that hang from the ceiling. This saves you from hunching over in the shower if you’re tall.

Crazy enough, there are some showerheads that include LED lights. Hydropower is also an option and is the latest technology.


Most bathrooms have a lot of straight lines. It’s par for the course, so having a mirror that counteracts these straight lines is the latest in bathroom trends.

Round mirrors are perfect fits for this category, but there are many fun shapes you can choose from. Get as normal or wacky as you would like!

One popular mirror style is a geometric hexagon mirror. It adds an interesting decorating element to the bathroom without being too overwhelming if wacky isn’t your style.

A nice decorative oval is perfect for the kid’s bathroom. It’s cute without being too overwhelming.

If you want a unique style, a sunburst mirror might be the way to go for you. The irony of the name is that it’s raindrop inspired.

It’s a small mirror that adds an interesting decorative element. It’s easy to install in the home with a small hook in the back. It’ll get your guests talking for sure.


Black is in, in terms of bathroom trends. If you have lightly colored countertops, consider going for darker colored fixtures. The contrast creates a very nice effect.

Brass is in again. If you want to go with a classy look, chrome, and satin are still two very nice choices. However, if you want your fixtures to really stand out and add some pizazz to your bathroom, brass is a way to go!

Brass and dark fixtures go very well with stone sinks if that’s a route you would want to go.

If you have a lot of colors in your bathroom, having dark accents can balance it out with a classic and bold look.

Now, on to the tenth and most important bathroom trend of 2018


Bright colors, as stated above are making a huge comeback in 2018. Bright colors are common now in not only bathrooms but kitchens as well.

These colors are everything but traditional and give you a chance to really display your personality.

Consider letting yourself get as wacky as you want in terms of color. If your heart desires purple facets, go for it.

Nothing is off the table, just make sure the colors you chose mesh together well. I wouldn’t recommend brightly colored wallpaper and then brightly colored fixtures on top of it.

Ditch Your Musty Old Bathroom

If you’re looking at your current bathroom, and feeling underwhelmed, take a chance today and get to remodeling.

Consider the trends, and most of all, let your bathroom be a reflection of yourself. Your whole home should be a representation of you. That shouldn’t end with the bathroom.

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