5 Best Kitchen Designs for Entertaining

5 Best Kitchen Designs for Entertaining
5 Best Kitchen Designs for Entertaining

Entertaining guests can be tricky when you’re also in charge of feeding them.

Sometimes your space isn’t conducive for both things because of this. With some modern twists though, you can get your favorite space up to speed. And keep your guests happy as well.

Here are some of the best kitchen designs we’ve found, for the chef who likes to entertain.

1. Kitchen Islands Help Make Eat-In Kitchens

Bringing back the kitchen island is a great way to modernize your space. Islands can be utilized for a multitude of activities.

As long as you make sure a new island doesn’t clog up the flow in your kitchen it will work well for your entertaining purposes. Islands can be used as buffets during parties. Can be hangouts for friends as you cook. And can be used by kids when you don’t have company over.

Islands can double as seating as well as workstations. Getting your friends and family involved in meal prep is a guaranteed way to keep the conversation going.

Make sure your island surface is multi-use. Finding the right material for your counters will help limit clutter and keep your space from getting damaged by guests who may not be familiar with your kitchen.

Bringing back an eat-in kitchen is totally on trend and is considered one of the best kitchen designs these days.

2. Modern Kitchens Have More Tech

One of the struggles of hanging out in the kitchen is a lack of available electrical outlets. Guests probably don’t want to compromise a plug that might need to power a mixer. Or to take up a spot in the kitchen that may get in the way of their hosts.

So a great thing to add is a charging station!

Charging stations can be part of breakfast nooks. Or can be hidden away in cabinet drawers.

Many manufacturers like Leviton also make power strips with built-in USB ports that can be added to kitchen backsplashes. This means you can run your kitchen devices while charging your personal electronics.

This feature is a great everyday feature that can be useful for more than just entertaining guests.

3. The Best Kitchen Designs Have Designated Work Zones

Keeping your kitchen organized can be a tricky thing.

One thing many designers recommend is having designated workstations in your kitchen. An island can be a good space for hanging out and having meals. But having areas for preparing food, cooking food and cleaning up after eating that food is one of the best kitchen designs these days.

Incorporating each zone with the appropriate appliances is also a good idea. Work zones are separate work sites for that can have their own storage as well, which keeps clutter down.

Keep Your Zones Separate

Prep zones should be located close to your storage systems and fridge. This allows you easy access to ingredients, utensils and pots and pans. Make sure you have appropriate disposal units for this area as well.

Cook zones are made up of ovens, stoves and other appliances. This space should be easily accessible-make sure you can open all oven doors and have plenty of room while using the stove. This space can also utilize the island space, making a trek with hot food much safer for all involved.

A cleaning zone or wash zone is usually made up of sinks and dishwashers. This space should be separate from the first two zones. This will help maximize space and limit run-ins. Cabinets should be within reach, which makes putting dishes away much easier for all involved.

Map Out Your Space

When coming up with the best kitchen designs for your space, make sure you map out your desired room. Each zone should flow from one to the next, overlapping where it needs to maximize use.

Knowing how you will want to use your space on the day-to-day and for entertaining will go great lengths in helping you design a useful space.

There are many ways to do this of course. And no one space is going to be the same as the next.

4. Every Kitchen Needs a Wet Bar

When it comes to zones, every kitchen should have a good flowing work zone.

But another modern design some designers are going for is the wet bar. This is a great feature that can elevate your entertaining style and can also keep your workspace exciting for you and your guests.

If you have a lot of children over, this space can also be utilized as a family friendly beverage station. Coffee makers and juicers can be located at this station. As well as a refrigerator drawer for cold items like creamers and prepared fruit. This makes this entire section handy for daily life as well.

Having a wine refrigerator in this space will also save you fridge space and help limit time spent trekking back and forth. If you locate this zone near the public seating section of your kitchen this will keep guests not helping with food prep from getting underfoot.

Keeping this space separate from the main functions of the kitchen still lets you hang out with your guests. But it also helps keep some of your space’s flow as well.

5. Upgrade Your Pantry and Storage

This one is fairly obvious and will do wonders in maximizing your space.

One of the best kitchen designs you can come up with is making your pantry its own work zone. If you upgrade your storage and even add a sink to this section, you will be able to turn your pantry into a prep zone.

This sort of zone overlap can be a great thing. And will give you more storage space. Which is always a good thing when preparing for parties and get-togethers.

A good modern kitchen that is great for entertaining can be functional too.

Some Final Thoughts

Finding the best kitchen designs for your entertainment needs doesn’t have to be hard.

Schedule an in-home consultation with our designers today to see how we can help bring some elegance to your entertainment center.