Why You Should Install Quartz Bathroom Countertops in Your Home

Why You Should Install Quartz Bathroom Countertops In Your Home
Why You Should Install Quartz Bathroom Countertops In Your Home

The right countertops can boost your home’s value while adding beauty to your bathroom. Your bathroom makeover or new home build deserves a countertop material that is stylish, durable, and practical.

So…have you considered quartz?

There’s a reason quartz has become the most popular countertop material, even passing granite. It provides a look that is timeless and elegant while being functional enough to use in the bathroom. It can also complement any color palette and design scheme.

Read on for the top reasons why you should install quartz bathroom countertops in your home.

Quartz Adds Style and Elegance To Your Home

It’s as elegant looking as natural stone. Yet with more variations in color, texture, and pattern. It can work with your customized color palette to fit your unique bathroom design needs.

The aesthetic can mimic the look of marble, granite, or cement. Quartz can look so much like granite that many people have a hard time telling the difference between the two. Or quartz can match a more unique, bold, and eclectic design preference.

The design pattern of each slab of quartz will depend on the grind. A finer grind will have a smoother look. A coarser grind will be more flecked in appearance.

Patterns can also contain swirls, pebbling or even resemble a geode. The beauty of quartz is that it is capable of creating any color, style, or pattern you desire.

There are many different brands on the market, with Cambria, Caesarstone, and Silestone being the most known. These brands offer a range of thickness options and edge profiles for their slabs. A fabricator can also customize the edge of your slab, such as by adding a raw edge.

Current Trends in Quartz

Lighter and more neutral colors are currently trending. Appearing in palettes of whites and light greys. These colors make smaller sized bathrooms seem lighter and larger.

Quartz counters can also come in more contemporary and bold colors. It’s not uncommon to see a bright green or deep blue slab adorning new bathroom spaces.

Quartz bathroom countertops also come in different textures. The polished look is most popular, yet there are also suede and volcano finishes. Suede provides a more matte feel while the volcano finish has a rustic vibe.

Quartz Can Withstand the Test of Time

Quartz is an engineered stone that is man-made of about 90% quartz. The rest gets made up of pigments and resins.

Quartz is one of nature’s strongest minerals. This makes it one of the most durable bathroom countertop options.

Quartz bathroom countertops are stronger than natural stone. They are more than tough enough for everyday bathroom use. It’s also resistant to scratches and is less likely to chip or crack under pressure.

The counter material is heat tolerant. Yet, it’s still important not to let hot hair tools sit on top of the quartz. Extreme temperatures could end up damaging the counters.

Quartz counters are always backed by a warranty. Proper maintenance can help make your quartz counters last longer than a lifetime.

Quartz Make It Easy to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Quartz gets favored by so many homeowners because it is a low-maintenance option. With quartz, it’s easy to maintain a clean environment in your master bath, guest baths, and powder baths.

Bathrooms see a build-up of soap, beauty products, and toothpaste. All you need to clean your countertops are a little bit of soap and warm water.

You’ll want to be careful to not use harsh chemicals and cleaners. For tougher messes, it’s best to use a natural or mild cleaning product. Quartz doesn’t react to acids, so you can also use a vinegar solution for cleaning.

A quartz bathroom doesn’t need waxes or sealants. It’s non-porous and more resistant to stains.

Quartz Protects Your Home and the Environment

Quartz counters are as much a friend to the environment as they are to a healthy home. It has the same air of luxury as granite, yet is a more “green” material choice.

It’s made from an abundant material. The production process uses a lot of waste by-products. The added resins come from more natural sources.

The counters are non-toxic and non-allergenic. They also have a low rate of water absorption. This helps to limit the growth of mold and bacteria in your bathroom and home.

Their high durability means that you will never need to replace your countertops. Choosing quartz countertops for bathroom design is a great sustainable option for home design.

Quartz Increases the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to add instant value to your home, look no further than quartz countertops. They are fast and easy to install compared to other high-quality countertop choices. Their durability and timeless elegance will only add to your home’s resale value.

Considering a home renovation or new build project? First, it’s important to calculate the cost of adding quartz countertops to your home.

Quartz bathroom countertops average about $75 per square foot. It sits on the higher end of the price spectrum, next to granite and marble. Yet the investment is well worth it in the long-run.

The versatility and longevity of quartz also work great in other areas of the home. Kitchens, fireplace surrounds, and laundry rooms can all get enhanced by installing quartz.

The only area of the home that you shouldn’t install quartz is outdoors. The resins that get used are not recommended for heavy UV exposure. Your manufacturer warranty will most likely not apply in this case.

Ready to Install Quartz Bathroom Countertops?

Quartz bathroom countertops are a practical and sophisticated choice for your home remodel or new build. They can increase the value of your home while updating to new finishes that will last a lifetime.

Once you’ve decided to invest in Quartz counters, you will want to select your color, brand, and fabricator.

It’s important to select a reputable fabricator with experience in quartz installation. The slabs are very heavy and can crack or get damaged if not installed by a proper professional. Here’s more on what to look for when hiring a countertop fabricator for your home project.