What is Cambria Quartz Countertops?

What is Cambria Quartz Countertops?
Darlington Cambria Quartz

Cambria is a manufacturer of a brand of quartz countertops named “Cambria” also know as Cambria Quartz. Cambria is the only American made quartz countertop. Like most quartz countertop brands, Cambria Countertops consist of 93% natural quartz stone and 7% resins. Quartz Countertops are also referred to as engineered stone and require no maintenance, even with heavy use.

Facts why Cambria is the Most Popular Quartz Countertop

  • American Made
  • 146 Stunning colors
  • No maintenance
  • High durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sold only to local certified installers, not the big box stores

Cambria Quartz Countertops Colors

  • Marble Collection, 24 colors available
  • Waterstone Collection, 21 colors available
  • Quarry Collection, 28 colors available
  • Classic Collection, 21 colors available
  • Coastal Collection, 10 colors available
  • Cambrian Collection, 10 Colors available
  • Jewel Collection, 9 Colors available
  • Desert Collection, 21 Colors available
  • Oceanic Collection, 2 Colors available

With a total of 146 colors to choose from, Cambria claims to have the largest selection of quartz colors.

History of Cambria Quartz Countertops

Nothing about Cambria’s beginning was very strategic. “It just kind of happened,” says Cambria President and CEO Marty Davis. It all began when Marty Davis’ friend put him onto this new investment opportunity. The Davis’s studied the opportunity and ultimately Mark Davis, Marty’s father, made a personal investment in a northern Minnesota business start-up in the late ‘90s. They loved the company’s technology and quartz product but didn’t know much more than that about the operation. But taking risks was something the Davis family was familiar with. Entrepreneurial instinct is a family legacy that began with Stan and Mark Davis, who owned small creameries that eventually lead to the formation of Davisco Foods International, an international leader in the dairy industry. Excerpt from The Cambria Legacy

Let’s take a look at some Milestones that made Cambria the most popular surface in America.

Year Milestone
2000 Davis family decides to enter the quartz surface business after being presented with the opportunity to buy quartz processing equipment.
2001 Cambria Quartz opens its facility in Le Sueur, MN. Cambria begins business as a tile manufacturer with an arrangement to provide slabs to DuPont.
2003 Cambria Countertops breaks from DuPont and ventures out on its own into the countertop sector, offering 33 unique designs of quartz slabs.

Cambria Quartz FabShop (a fabrication facility) and Quartz Surfaces (an installation service) are established in Minnesota.

The Davis family launches Cambria Quartz as a retail brand of quartz countertops.

 2004 The first Club Cambria opens at Target Center in Minneapolis and leads the way to other elite sports lounges across the country.

Cambria opens its Indianapolis FabShop to serve this fast-growing market.

 2005 Cambria introduces the first designs in the natural Cambria Quarry Collection, featuring movement and a depth similar to that found in granite. No other quartz surface companies were producing designs of this nature at this time.
 2006 Cambria launches an advertising campaign with nationally-syndicated radio host Paul Harvey, creating widespread awareness in areas of the United States that were not yet familiar with the product.

Cambria invests $52 million into its Le Sueur facility, equipping it with the newest processing technology and more than doubling its size to 350,000 square feet.

 2007 Cambria is named #4 on Entrepreneur magazine’s”Hot 500″ list of fastest-growing businesses. The annual list recognizes businesses that meet specific criteria, including positive sales and job growth.

Cambria partners with Minnesota native and iconic, all-American supermodel Cheryl Tiegs. Cheryl pioneered Cambria’s advocate program with other icons to shortly follow, including Mariel Hemingway, W.S. Holland, and Ronnie Hawkins.To keep pace with demand, Cambria opens additional Fab Shops in Toronto and Cleveland.

Cambria partners with actress and author Mariel Hemingway, an advocate for healthy living and sustainability. Mariel promotes how to live a life of 360 degrees of beauty, from inner health and wellness to surrounding yourself with beauty and creating a healthy home.

 2008 Cambria begins its Lexus Partner program. Providing exclusive markets to key partners, the Lexus Partner initiative values intimate partnerships and deep relationships. Lexus Partners are highly evolved businesses that meet criteria related to sales success, exceptional quality, high-level customer service, and a commitment to marketing.

Cambria expands its presence in Southern California, opening Cambria Gallery on Cook Street in Palm Desert to inspire designers and consumers. The gallery showcases a variety of innovative vignettes and applications, as well as samples and full-sized slabs.

Cambria opens a new Distribution Center in Los Angeles, California, making its entry into the large California market.

2009 Cambria Mortgage is developed and begins providing mortgages and other financial services to help Cambria customers finance their home improvement projects.

The first issue of Cambria Style magazine, a lifestyle publication for homeowners, designers, and other trade partners, is published and distributed nationwide.

Cambria launches 16 new designs, adding to the Cambria Quarry Collection and Cambria Desert Collection, and expanding Cambria’s design palette to 64.

Cambria introduces the Cambria dragon, the company mascot. Cambi begins a rigorous schedule of appearances at sports venues and public events.

2010 Cambria launches its online store featuring design samples and stylish apparel, accessories, and home essentials.

Cambria opens a new distribution center in San Francisco, California. Cambria’s newly-launched California division now serves that unique market through distribution centers in both the northern and southern regions of the state.

A new Club Cambria opens at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Club Cambria, along with the stadium, debuted a stunning renovation in 2017.

Cambria unveils two new collections and an unprecedented 21 new designs, with looks never before seen in quartz, mimicking onyx, marble, and granite. The Cambrian Collection captures all the color, pattern, and movement of classic natrual stone. The Cambria Jewel Collection designs feature shimmering crystals from deep within the surface.

2011 Cambria solidifies its position as the leader in innovation, introducing 12 new designs with the Waterstone Collection™. Inspired by the natural movement of water over stone, the collection incorporates technology that once seemed impossible for quartz. Cambria’s designs now total nearly 100.

Cambria Quartz opens its Orlando Distribution Center, serving the fast-growing Florida market.

2012 Cambria opens a state-of-the-art gallery showcasing exceptional quality in design detail and fabrication in the King East Design District of Toronto.

Cambria introduces six new designs to its industry-leading design palette. Capturing the depth and movement of water over stone, Cambria Armitage, Cambria Lanseshaw, Cambria Hollinsbrook, Cambria Bradshaw, and Cambria Berkeley join the Cambria Waterstone Collection. Cambria Rosslyn, with its striking metallic golds on a nuanced background of taupe and tan, is the sixth design to join the Cambria Jewel Collection.

As a family-owned business, Cambria understands what a home represents: peace of mind. Cambria Title is established to make buying or refinancing a home as secure, easy, and stress-free as possible for buyers, borrowers, lenders, and real estate agents alike.

Now samples of every Cambria design are at your fingertips. The app for iPad® or iPhone® makes it easy to browse designs, compare favorites, and share with friends, family, and clients. When it’s time to start planning for that dream build or remodel, the app is a valuable resource to find Cambria designs that truly inspire.

2013 Cambria doubles capacity by adding 408,000 square feet and two new production lines to the Minnesota processing facility. This marks the second plant expansion in Cambria’s 12-year history.

Cambria announces the Cambria Gallery on 7th, located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. The gallery showcases a myriad of innovative vignettes, created by locally renowned designers and craftsmen. The gallery provides a convenient location to collaborate and experience the movement in Cambria’s trend-setting design palette.

2014 Cambria introduces the Cambria Coastal Collection featuring the new design, Cambria Galloway. The Cambria Coastal Collection™ distinguishes itself from the grand and vast organic movement flowing throughout the design, creating a masterful clashing of rock, sand, and water. This design illustrates a balance of neutral tones with striking variation and glistening streams.

The Cambria Gallery – Rochester is located in the historic Riverside Building in the heart of downtown Rochester, Minnesota. The gallery features a myriad of innovative and inspirational kitchen, bath, and commercial installations, unique fabrication techniques, and full-size slabs.

A new Club Cambria opens at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, home of the Cincinnati Reds.

Twenty new designs are added across five collections. Cambria Galloway, Cambria Ellesmere,  Cambria Langdon,  Cambria Seagrove, and Cambria Summerhill in the Cambria Coastal Collection are dramatic and flowing designs with organic movement. The Cambria Waterstone Collection designs of Cambria Berwyn, Cambria Hampshire, Cambria Montgomery, Cambria Nevern, and Cambria Wentwood capture the natural movement of water over stone. Cambria Brighstone, Cambria Daron, and Cambria Menai sparkle with show-stopping radiance in the Cambria Jewel Collection. From the Cambria Marble Collection, Cambria Castlemartin, Cambria Fairbourne, and Cambria Ramsey are inspired by the classic look of marble offering elegance without any maintenance. Like all Desert Collection designs, Cambria Manchester, Cambria Dunmore, Cambria Kirkstead, and Cambria Walton, provide beautiful monochrome foundations.

The Cambria Gallery on El Paseo is the second gallery in Palm Desert, California, located in the heart of the Coachella Valley’s most upscale shopping district. The gallery brings the freshest, most beautiful designs to space where homeowners and trade professionals can dream, design, plan, and collaborate.

Cambria creates the first Camp Cambria, in partnership with the Arthritis Foundation of the Upper Midwest, to help kids with juvenile arthritis feel the joy of a community of campers just like them. Camp Cambria is a free, six-day overnight experience at Camp Courage in Maple Lake, Minnesota. In addition to traditional camp activities, Camp Cambria provides important tools and resources related to positive self-esteem and effective disease management.

2015 New distribution centers open in Florida (Miami), Arizona (Phoenix), Texas (Houston and Dallas), New York (Long Island), and Illinois (Chicago), to accommodate growth and partnerships in major markets.

A new Club Cambria opens at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, home of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Cambria begins its Premier Dealer program to recognize and reward high-quality partnerships with best-in-class kitchen and bath retailers. Retailers are nominated for consideration through Cambria’s sales team and must meet select criteria to be awarded Premier Dealer status.

Cambria Gallery – Buckhead Atlanta opens in partnership with Atlanta Kitchen, in the heart of the renowned Buckhead shopping district, home to many interior design shops. On display are various applications, including a bar, vanity, conference table, and unique quartz applications.

Cambria launches four new designs across two collections, the first of their kind in natural quartz. Cambria Roxwell and Cambria Oakmoor, the first designs in the breathtaking Cambria Oceanic Collection, showcase grand, rolling waves, and linear flow. With rich beauty and timeless allure, Cambria Brittanicca and Cambria Cambria Ella from the Cambria Marble Collection offer the elegance of marble without long-term maintenance. The dramatic introductions bring Cambria’s offerings to 126 designs within nine collections.

2016 Cambria announces the launch of Cambria International. The new division of Cambria will grow the company’s distinctive brand and unparalleled quartz surface offerings globally, under the guidance of Rodolfo Panisi, President and CEO of Cambria International.

Cambria opens its latest gallery in San Francisco, adjacent to the city’s design district in the South of Market Area (SoMa). The space was designed with an upscale, boutique aesthetic that celebrates the character of the 100-year-old building while reflecting the city’s modernity. Given the local culinary scene, the gallery boasts a gorgeous Cambria-clad demonstration kitchen, full working bar, and custom wine display.

Cambria’s newest partner is revealed—real estate investor, contractor, entrepreneur, and Income Property star—Scott McGillivray. Scott will help educate and guide consumers on how to renovate and invest wisely, adding value and years of enjoyment to their homes through an educational video series DREAM. PLAN. DO.

Cambria and The Arthritis Society proudly announce the launch of Camp Cambria in Ontario. Camp Cambria is a no-cost, six-day residential camp for children ages 8-17 who are living with juvenile arthritis. Camp Cambria in Ontario will be held at Camp Maple Leaf, a not-for-profit resident camp for children with unique challenges. In addition to traditional camp activities, Camp Cambria in Ontario provides important tools and resources related to positive self-esteem and effective disease management.

Cambria introduces nine new designs in three distinct and beautiful collections, expanding Cambria’s palette to 133 designs in nine collections. In the Cambria Marble Collection, Cambria Swanbridge, Cambria Carrick, and Cambria Weybourne offer the classic, sought-after sophistication of marble, but none of the maintenance. Cambria Helmsley, Cambria Harlech, and Cambria Princetown are three distinctive, rich, and exceptional designs in the Cambria Coastal Collection that make an impressive statement in any space. Cambria Hadley, Cambria Canongate, and Cambria Kentmere add more depth and unlimited versatility in the Cambria Desert Collection.

New distribution centers open in Tennessee (Nashville) and Georgia (Atlanta) to accommodate growth and partnerships in these southeastern markets.

2017  New Distribution Centers open in Colorado (Denver), Alabama (Mobile), and Georgia (Savannah), to accommodate growth and partnerships in these markets.

Cambria launches eight stunning new designs across three collections, expanding Cambria’s palette to 141 designs. Enhancing the luxurious Cambria Marble Collection are Cambria Annicca, Cambria Clareanne, Cambria Queen Anne, Cambria Rose Bay, and Cambria Rosedale. Cambria Beaumont and Cambria Kelvingrove add shimmering elegance to the Cambria Coastal Collection, while mesmerizing Cambria Skye brings vibrant blue tones to the Cambria Waterstone Collection.

Cambria introduces Cambria Matte, a first-of-its-kind surface finish option. Cambria Matte provides a distinctive, elemental look with the same high-performance benefits of Cambria’s standard high gloss finish.

Cambria launches five new designs in the Cambria Marble Collection. Cambria Brittanicca Gold, Cambria Brittanicca Warm, Cambria Ironsbridge, Cambria Delgatie, and Cambria Highgate enhance Cambria’s luxurious marble palette with warm neutrals, sweeping dramatic movement, and large-scale veining.

What is the cost of Cambria Quartz Countertops?

Prices will vary depending on the color that you choose but you should expect to pay $59 up to $139 per linear foot. Don’t worry. There are many color patterns at the low end of the range. If your planning to replace your old, outdated countertops in your home, you should not make compromises when it comes to price. Cheap materials may seem like an option, but, in the end, they will prove non-reliable and will cost you more when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Cambria Quartz Countertops may be seen as a high-end option, but they actually save you more money because they are made of a resilient material that is easy to maintain and sanitary. It will help you eliminate the costs of maintenance or repair.

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