What Is Cambria Quartz and Why Is It Different?

What Is Cambria Quartz And Why Is It Different?
What Is Cambria Quartz And Why Is It Different?

There is a wide range of countertop choices out there on the market. When it comes to building materials and home projects, we tend to focus on all-natural solutions. There are some cases, however, where man-made synthetic materials are better than natural.

For those who want something a bit more exotic than standard granite, marble, or stone countertops, there is Cambria. What is Cambria, you might ask? Well, it’s one of the hottest trending premium countertop materials. For more about this luxurious brand of countertops, keep reading.

What is Cambria?

Cambria quartz, also known as Cambria granite, is the best of both worlds. It is comprised of at least 93% natural stone quartz. Quartz is naturally very durable and has amazing aesthetic qualities. Cambria quartz is a unique brand of quartz that is made right here in the USA.

It was developed and manufactured in Eden Prairie, MN. This discovery of new quartz qualities has led to a lot of excitement in the countertop industry. Unlike regular granite, Cambria granite does not need to be polished or sealed.

This is because of the hybridized nature of Cambria. It’s synthetic fillers and resins make for stain-resistant maintenance-free countertops. It also creates a surface that won’t harbor bacteria. It is completely non-porous and scratch-resistant.

It even makes for a good surface to do everyday work on. Quartz is the seventh-hardest mineral in the world and Cambria is essentially reinforced quartz. Cambria granite is actually stronger than natural granite slabs.

Protection & Warranty

Because this isn’t your average piece of granite, Cambria comes with a lifetime warranty. If for whatever reason your countertop becomes damaged or blemished under normal use, it will be replaced. You can shop for Cambria granite countertops with confidence and faith that it has gone through a high QC test.

Comparing Cambria Granite

We have mentioned how Cambria compares to standard quartz granite countertops. They’re harder and easier to take care of, of course. This is partly due to the natural impurities in stone.

You will find inconsistencies in both hardness and shape, which can weaken over time. This is why granite owners must seal their countertops yearly. The cost of professional sealing and polishing adds up fast.

We should also visit other competing non-quartz countertops, too. Corian, for example, is hard, but not scratch-resistant. They are also porous and can degrade over time.

Marble is often mistaken as the highest quality countertop you can buy. This isn’t true for a number of reasons. One, it isn’t harder than Cambria. Two, it is porous and will stain easily. Three, it is marked at a premium due to labor and accessibility/rarity.

Trending Cambria Styles

Now that we’ve gone over the physical highlights of the quality of Cambria, let’s highlight the beauty of it. People notice Cambria for its wonderful array of colors, styles, and natural formations. These are just a few popular selections you can find for Cambria countertops.


This mystical white ivory patterned Cambria is regal, yet subtle. There are highlights of gold and silver, purple and beige. It’s a great compliment to both darker woods and modern aluminums. Your kitchen will beam with light with this countertop selection.

Brittanica Gold & Warm

These are Cambria’s most popular styles, blending a solid three-color profile in natural tones. These colors resemble a river of flowing energy over the landscape. This is the perfect opportunity to add some movement to your kitchen.

We recommend the Brittanica designs for anyone looking for a more classic marble look, but with a slight twist. Goes great with rustic or luxe kitchen designs.


We jump back to another popular milky countertop. This elegant design is airy and clean, but with a bit of mystery. The black cracks resemble that of bone or ancient relics. This style pairs perfectly with cooler colors or pastels.


This one is a stunning blend of stone and organic nature. On one hand, it can be interpreted as the skin of something powerful and ancient. The cracks also align perfectly with the monumental slabs seen forming statues and buildings. Ironsbridge is another great neutral design that fits any decor colors.


Now we’re starting to have some more fun with Cambria’s flexibility. This beautiful mix of cream and turquoise color just melts into the countertop. It gives vibes of Claude Monet, which any classical artist can appreciate. It isn’t going to match all kitchen or home styles, but it will definitely steal the show.

Rose Bay

Our last pick is a beautiful take on white marble. The details on this countertop are sublime. It draws the eyes and you instinctively start wandering all over the landscape. This countertop would go great in any modern home or vintage-inspired kitchen.

Are You Ready for Cambria Quartz?

Now that you’ve learned what is Cambria, how it stacks up to the competition, and have gotten a taste of the selection: are you ready for your own?

We know it can be tough doing kitchen renovations, let alone building from the ground-up. We can help you make those decisions a little easier. Our work speaks for itself, just look at all the beautiful countertops we have done here. Over 15 years of satisfied customers can vouch for our work.

If you need advice or to get quotes to see what options are available to you, give us a call. We offer FREE in-home consultations, which help you design your interior, get the perfect fit, and the best color scheme.

We have more than five different locations currently in Florida. International Granite and Stone has vast warehouses with tons of material to choose from. There’s a piece of granite out there with your name on it.

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