What Is Cambria Quartz and Why Is It Different?

Brittanicca Warm Cambria Quartz Kitchen Countertops Bookmatched Cambria Quartz Brittanicca Warm What Is Cambria Quartz And Why Is It Different?
Brittanicca Warm Cambria Quartz Kitchen Countertops Bookmatched

There is a wide range of countertop choices out there on the market. When it comes to building materials and home projects, we tend to focus on all-natural solutions. There are some cases, however, where man-made synthetic materials are better than natural.

For those who want something a bit more exotic than standard granite, marble, or stone countertops, there is Cambria. What is Cambria Quartz, you might ask? Well, it’s one of the hottest trending premium countertop materials. For more about this luxurious brand of quartz countertops, keep reading.


What is Cambria Quartz?

What is Cambria Quartz and Why is It Different? Cambria Brittanicca Quartz
Brittanicca Cambria Quartz Kitchen Countertops with Full Height Backsplash


Cambria Quartz is an American-Made, Family-Owned Brand of Quartz Countertops based out of Minnesota. Cambria Quartz Slabs are made up of 93% Crushed Quartz, and 7% pigment and binder.  Cambria Quartz never needs to be sealed, unlike granite.  Cambria Quartz is also scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. Cambria Quartz is sold exclusively through Cambria Approved Premier Dealers, with Select Few Designs also being offered at the Home Depot. 

In addition to this, every Professionally Installed Cambria Quartz Countertop Project also carries a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. You can Buy Cambria Quartz Countertops with Confidence, knowing The Company Fully Stands Behind its Product.

Cambria Quartz is:

  • Durable
  • Dependable
  • Beautiful
  • Food Safe
  • Stain Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Warrantied for Life


How is Cambria Quartz Made & Manufactured?

What is Cambria Quartz and Why is It Different?
Portrush Cambria Quartz Kitchen Counters with Full Height Backsplash

Cambria Quartz is manufactured in Le Sueur, Minnesota at their Flagship Processing & Manufacturing Center.  Cambria Quartz is made using Bretonstone Technology, a process in which many different quartz manufacturers employ to create the finest quartz slabs known to man.

The process of how Cambria Quartz is made starts at Cambria’s Proprietary Quartz quarry, where Pure White Quartz is mined from the Earth. The quarried pieces of Quartz then make their way to Cambria’s Manufacturing Facility.  Next, Cambria Quality Control Technicians sort the quartz into varying shades of white, choosing only the highest quality and pure white pieces for their slabs.  These hand-selected pieces of quartz are then ground down into varying sizes, from Lima Bean-sized chunks, all the way down to Sand.

Once this is complete, the varying degrees of quartz pieces are aggregated together using the Bretonstone technology as mentioned above.  Binder is added to the mixture, while air is simultaneously vacuumed out of the mixture through vibration.  After all the air has been vacuumed out, the slabs are then pressed into the desired slab sizes and baked at high heat.  This is what creates Cambria Quartz Slabs that are denser than traditional Granite Slabs, while also being Non-Porous.

How Much Does Cambria Quartz Cost?

What is Cambria Quartz and Why is It Different?
Mayfair Cambria Quartz with Ella Cambria Quartz Lazy Susan

Quartz Countertops range in price and Everyone always wants to know, is Cambria Quartz expensive? Calculating the Cost of Quartz Countertops is hard to do on your own.  Pricing is different from Fabricator to Fabricator depending on the level of work the company can produce.  More skilled Fabricators may charge more for their work or may offer more intricate cutting options, like a mitered edge or waterfall panels.  On Average, you can expect to see Cambria Quartz prices between $90-150/sf.  Locking down an exact price varies on a couple of factors:

  1. How large your Kitchen or Bathroom is
  2. The Material you choose
  3. The Edgework 
  4. Any Construction needs you may have
  5. Sinks & Faucets
  6. Sink & Faucet Installation
  7. Plumbing Connections
  8. Electrical Needs & More


Who Sells Cambria Quartz Countertops?

What is Cambria Quartz and Why is It Different?
White Cliff Cambria Quartz Kitchen Countertops

So now that you know a little more about Cambria, and you know that you want Quartz Countertops, the big question is, where can I find it, and who sells it?

Cambria Quartz is sold via Premier Dealers that Cambria works with, to ensure their material is always produced and installed in a manner consistent with their quality standards.  To be a Cambria Premier Dealer, you need to go through Fabrication & Installation Training with Cambria.  International Granite and Stone is proud to be one of the leading Cambria Quartz Premier Dealers in the Tampa Bay Area.

As mentioned Earlier, Cambria Quartz can also be found at the Home Depot, however, their Selection is very limitedThe Home Depot only retails 16 Cambria Quartz Designs.   Cambria Premier Dealers, like International Granite and Stone,  have access to over 175 different Cambria Quartz Designs and Colors.

To view ALL the Cambria Quartz Designs and Colors we Sell as a Premier Dealer, Click Here


Which Cambria Quartz Looks like Marble?

What is Cambria Quartz and Why is It Different?
Gladstone Cambria Quartz Kitchen Countertops with Waterfall Edge Panels

Traditionally if you wanted a white countertop, you had to use Marble.  However, Marble Countertops are Expensive and need frequent maintenance to keep pristine.  Quartz Countertops are the next best thing, with Cambria Quartz that looks like Marble. A lot of people like the Quartz Countertop designs that look like Marble because you can get the Marble “look”, but with all the benefits of  Cambria Quartz Countertops. 

When you choose a Cambria Quartz Countertop that looks like Marble,  you get the look you desire, but none of the drawbacks of actual Marble.  Have peace of mind knowing your Marble-looking Cambria Quartz Countertops will never stain or degrade over time as Natural Marble Countertops will.  

1. Brittanicca, Brittanicca Warm, & Brittanicca Gold

What is Cambria Quartz and Why is it Different
Cambria Quartz’s Most Popular Marble Designs

By Far Cambria’s most popular designs, blending a solid three-color profile in natural tones. These colors resemble a river of flowing energy over the landscape. This is the perfect opportunity to add some movement to your kitchen.

We recommend any of the Brittanicca designs for anyone looking for a more classic marble look, but with a slight twist. Goes great with rustic or luxe kitchen designs.

2. Skara Brae

What is Cambria Quartz and Why is It Different?
Skara Brae Cambria Quartz Kitchen Island and Countertops

Skara Brae Cambria Quartz is a great Marble Alternative and is very popular.  With Similar Veining and Patterning to the Brittanicca Quartz Colors, Skara Brae’s taupe-gray bold veining adds a pop of depth and dimension to any space you use this design in.  

3. Torquay

What is Cambria Quartz and Why is It Different?
Torquay Cambria Quartz Kitchen Countertops with a Waterfall Panel

Torquay Cambria Quartz has long been a favorite for people looking for white marble-looking stone.  Cambria Torquay Quartz features a crisp white background and light gray marbled striations. 

This design is nice because you can get the look and feel of Marble, but with a brighter white base for a truly showstopping look when the light dances across the surface.

4. Hemsworth

What is Cambria Quartz and Why is It Different?
Hemsworth Cambria Quartz Kitchen Countertops and Full Height Backsplash

One of Cambria’s NEW 2021 Designs, Hemsworth Cambria Quartz captures the classic look of Marble, with a more continuous and consistent feel to the design. 

Cambria Quartz Hemsworth’s bold, black, crackling veining darts across the slabs, creating really striking and dynamic movement on a clean white base.

5. Colton

What is Cambria Quartz and Why is It Different?
Colton Cambria Quartz Dining Table

Colton is a really nice marbled design, with blue-gray and brown crinkling throughout the design.  We love Colton because it’s a natural-looking, subtle design, but also packs a punch in the design department.


View the Top 15 Most Popular Cambria Designs & Colors Here!


Other Questions People Ask About Cambria Quartz:

What is Cambria Quartz and Why is It Different?
Brittanicca Warm Cambria Quartz Kitchen Countertops with Full Height Backsplash


  • Is Cambria Quartz or Quartzite?

    • Cambria Quartz is a Quartz product.  Quartzite is a Natural Stone similar to Marble, which requires more maintenance and sealing to keep your stone looking pristine. Quartz and Quartzite are two different Countertop Materials, although they are very similar in name. Many people confuse the two, but they are indeed two very different Countertop Materials.


  • Is Cambria Quartz Heat Resistant?

    • Yes, Quartz Countertops can withstand normal amounts of heat, although we do recommend the use of trivets just as a general precaution.  We advise erring on the side of protecting the stone to the fullest as to protect your investment, and keep your countertops looking pristine for life.


Are You Ready for Cambria Quartz?

Now that you’ve learned what is Cambria, how it stacks up to the competition, and have gotten a taste of the selection: are you ready for your own?

We know it can be tough doing kitchen renovations, let alone building from the ground up. We can help you make those decisions a little easier. Our work speaks for itself, just look at all the beautiful countertops we have done here. Over 18 years of satisfied customers can vouch for our work.

If you need advice or to get quotes to see what options are available to you, give us a call. We offer FREE in-home consultations, which help you design your interior, get the perfect fit, and the best color scheme.