Preparing For Your Countertop Template Date

Preparing For Your Template Date

You’ve Placed Your Countertop Order, Now What?

Once your Project Manager has all your documentation, they will call you to review your choices and information, as well as setting a Template Measuring Date. 

Templating can only be done during business hours, and cannot be scheduled on the weekend.

To Prepare for your Template:

  • Unplug and move Countertop Appliances, so nothing interferes with the laser.
  • Please arrange for your pet to be out of the way for our Templator’s convenience.

If you have any questions concerning the measurements for your project, your Template Appointment is the time to ask.

Some Common Questions include:

  • How much of an overhang will I have?
  • Will this material change the height of my countertops?
  • How fast will my countertops be installed?
  • Where will my seams be?