Stunning Small Kitchen Counters: How to Wow Your Guests with a Small Kitchen

Stunning Small Kitchen Counters: How to Wow Your Guests with a Small Kitchen

When it comes to home buyers, 80% name the kitchen in the top three most important home spaces. Spending money on the kitchen offers, on average, a good return on investment (ROI). 

Minor renovations of $21,000 or less have an average ROI of a little over 80%. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Do you have a small kitchen? Changing out your kitchen counters can make a big difference in making your tiny kitchen feel big. 

Keep reading for tips for making a small kitchen counter and space pop. 

Budget First

Before you take another step, determine your budget. Home renovation budgets get out of control fast if you don’t limit them up front. 

Take a realistic look at what needs changing. Spend the majority of the money on things you won’t replace for a long time. Countertops, cabinetry, and appliances should top the list. 

Don’t go over the top. It’s okay if the kitchen is the nicest room in the house. But don’t overbuild.

If you spend $60,000 on a kitchen renovation, but the rest of the house is old and outdated, you’ve overdone it. Instead, use some of the money on updating the rest of the house too. 

Once you’ve decided on your budget, add an extra 15% for unexpected costs. Renovations almost never cost less than expected. 

Think about ways you can save before getting started. New countertops make a huge difference. You may not have to change as much as you think once the new countertops are in. 

Small Kitchen Counter

If your area is small with a small kitchen counter, consider reconfiguring. Most countertops are 24 inches deep. Can you extend them to 30 inches? 

The extra six inches helps with appliance storage while leaving room for food prep. 

Make them appear larger by running the countertop material up the wall as the backsplash. The seamless look makes the area appear bigger. 

Best Materials for Small Kitchen Countertops 

Small kitchens need lots of light. Bring in more light with a reflective countertop surface. A high-polished surface like granite reflects light, which makes your kitchen feel larger.

Limestone, granite, and marble are also good choices. Pick a light color and avoid too much veining. A busy surface makes the kitchen look smaller. 

These are also great kitchen countertop choices because of their durability. 

Because your kitchen is small, replacing the countertops won’t cost as much as it does with a large kitchen. 

Other solid surfaces that are good for small kitchen counters are concrete and stainless steel. But unless you’re going for an industrial look, you might want to avoid those materials. 

Take Advantage of Height

If you’ve got tall kitchen ceilings, use the height to your advantage. Install tall cabinets that go to the ceiling for lots of storage space. Put the things you don’t use often on the top shelves. 

Don’t have a lot of cabinets, and don’t have the budget for them? Use blank walls for hanging pots and pans. Install whimsical hooks and create a stylish display. 

Even a small kitchen can have a work island. Choose something narrow, tall, and open. Go with clean lines and a light-colored surface that echoes the countertops. 

Appliance Finishes

The finish on your appliances makes a difference too. A high-polished, reflective surface like stainless steel makes your kitchen look bigger. 

Or if you’re going for an all-white kitchen, get white panels for the refrigerator door and other appliances. 

White Looks Great

Using several different shades of white for the counters, walls, and cabinets creates a seamless space. This makes your small kitchen look bigger. 

But if you don’t like white, go with a light neutral color that complements the countertops and cabinets. Stick with low-contrast colors between the paint, cabinets, and countertops. 

Avoid Clutter

Small kitchens look smaller when you crowd too many appliances on the countertops.

Consider creating storage out of an awkward corner with a corner appliance garage. Store small appliances such as the coffeemaker and toaster inside. 

Use Light

If you’ve got natural light from a window, don’t cover it up with heavy window treatments. 

Use light blinds and pull them all the way up during the day. If privacy is an issue, try an opaque blind that lets in plenty of light. 

Do you have a large backsplash area behind the sink? Hang a mirror! It’ll reflect light and make the kitchen look bigger. 

Use a few recessed lights on the ceiling for additional light. If you have the room, hang a few fun, airy pendant lights.

Consider a pot rack light fixture. This doubles as extra storage for pots and pans while bringing light into the kitchen. 

The undersides of kitchen cabinets are the perfect place for a set of lights. This adds light for working without taking up any space. And while we’re looking under the cabinets… 

Don’t Forget the Undersides

If your cabinets are tall enough, use the undersides for storage. For example, hang wine glasses or coffee mugs underneath the cabinets.

You can also hang measuring spoons and other cooking tools. 

And speaking of unused space, make sure your drawer pulls are useful. Instead of a round knob, use a long cabinet pull that doubles as a dishtowel holder. 

Go Retro

Do you have an old ’70s kitchen with plain cabinets? Instead of spending a ton to gut the kitchen, consider playing up the retro vibe. Bring back freshness by refinishing the cabinets.   

Or choose fun retro colors and paint the cabinets instead. Remember to use light colors so the kitchen looks bigger.  

Making a Small Kitchen Look Big 

Don’t let your small kitchen bring you down. A small kitchen counter doesn’t mean your whole kitchen has to look small. 

Use reflective countertops like granite, limestone, or marble. Use light-colored stone with minimal veining. 

Take advantage of height, light, and slender furniture pieces. Keep clutter off the countertops. Install reflective-surfaced appliances and light, low-contrast paint colors. 

Make your small kitchen the best kitchen on the block. If you’re looking for help with a kitchen reno, give us a call!