Top 6 Stone Countertops That Will Never Lose Their Gleam

Top 6 Stone Countertops That Will Never Lose Their Gleam
Top 6 Stone Countertops That Will Never Lose Their Gleam

Your kitchen and bathroom need a countertop that sustains a lot of mess and impact, but also looks attractive. This is why so many homeowners choose stone counters.

To ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, you need to find stone countertops that last. You also want to make sure they will keep their fresh appearance for years. If not, you’ll spend even more money on replacement countertops.

Not all stone counters are created equal. If you want the best stone counters, here are 6 you should choose. Continue reading and find out why these countertops are the best.

1. Granite

Homeowners who want unique stone countertops turn to granite — their counters can never be replicated or found in someone else’s’ home.

But granite is notorious for its high price. Granite’s high price comes from the fact that each granite piece if unique. Each slab boasts intricate colors and patterns. Granite’s high price also comes from its rarity.

It takes thousands of years for Mother Earth to make granite.

Granite is also extremely powerful. Any extreme forms of impact, such as heat, cuts, and scratches, won’t hinder granite. And these benefits extend to both polished and matte countertops.

Granite is also one of the safest stones. Granite contains no harmful chemicals and doesn’t emit harmful radiation. Granite countertops are one of the safest materials for your family and pets.

Granite’s weakest spot is the corners. They’re prone to chip, especially when heavy objects knock into the counter. However, granite’s quality will last for years when you continually re-seal your counters.

2. Soapstone

Soapstone is such a popular countertop, it’s said to even rival granite.

Soapstone is known for its durability.

Soapstone is naturally a hard stone, so it can withstand the damages that occur in the kitchen. Among these damages include liquids and chemicals; soapstone is non-porous, so it’s not prone to staining.

Soapstone is generally a beautiful stone. Like granite, soapstone is a unique stone.

No two soapstone slabs are the same. Soapstone ranges in multiple shades, depending on where the stone comes from. Because of this variety, soapstone counters look great in any kitchen.

Soapstone’s beauty will last years. With basic maintenance, soapstone can even last decades. You can be assured your soapstone countertop purchase will be your only counter purchase.

3. Marble

Marble countertops are luxurious. Marble is a classic countertop material that can’t be duplicated. Even beyond its luminance, marble offers several practical advantages.

Like many types of natural stone, marble is resistant to damage. You don’t have to worry about any impact such as scratches, cracks, and breaking.

Marble is also heat-resistant. Marble always stays cool, no matter the temperature of the object placed on the counter.

Like the other stones, marble is unique. Marble is created from limestone and sedimentary dolomite. This process gives marble its unique appearance; these minerals determine the colors found in each marble piece.

Since marble is used to build structures such as buildings, it can withstand a lot of impacts.

Therefore, your marble counters will last decades. But you should always ensure your marble is professionally installed, properly sealed and undergoes regular maintenance.

4. Slate

Slate is popular because of its beauty and requires little maintenance. Slate is great for all over your counter; slate can also be used for your sink and wet bar.

Like other stone countertops, slate is extremely strong. Its durability is perfect when sustaining kitchen impact. Slate stands well against chipping and scratching. For the kitchen, slate is great when resisting hot objects.

Slate is also known for its beauty.

Unlike the other stones, slate is pretty uniform and doesn’t shift in color. This is why slate is recommended if you’re using the same stone for your kitchen and bathroom. Slate can be found in any color — from black to even green.

Slate is also non-porous. Clean-up is easy and the stone doesn’t harbor bacteria.

5. Limestone

Limestone is an amazing stone that looks exquisite on countertops.

However, limestone does better in the bathroom. It’s made of calcium carbonate and can be dissolved easily. Therefore, limestone is far more sensitive to damage than any other type of stone.

But that doesn’t mean you completely rule out limestone kitchen countertops.

You just have to ensure you’re using proper maintenance.

Maintenance also requires using certain cleaning materials; any acidic cleaners will break down the limestone. For a limestone countertop that lasts, sealing is your best bet.

Limestone is best known for producing light colors. The most common limestone shades are white and off-white. Since these colors match any decor, they’re popular in the bathroom.

But the color is prone to fading. When using in the kitchen, avoid placing hot objects on limestone countertops.

6. Quartzite

While they have similar names, this is a different stone than quartz. Quartzite actually originates out of sandstone. It’s a hard rock that is extremely sturdy.

Because of its strength, quartzite is popular in the kitchen.

Quartzite is usually a homeowner’s choice over other stone materials, such as granite. Quartzite is one of the most durable natural stones. Mohs Hardness Scale rates quartzite a seven, which is stronger than granite.

Quartzite is also preferred over marble.

“Soft” quartzite is popular because this quartzite type is cheaper than marble. But with quartzite’s durability, it’s able to resist chipping better than marble.

Have you noticed sparkling countertops? This is one of the many unique quartzite factors. When heated, quartzite recrystallizes. This gives quartzite a natural sparkling finish.

Choose the Best Stone Countertops

You want to choose a countertop stone that will last a lifetime. Natural stones are naturally durable and you can choose a variety of stones.

The best stone countertops resist damages such as scratches and chips. Since all stone types are unique, your countertop is illimitable. This way, your countertop’s beauty will last a long time.

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