Semi-Precious Stone Slab Colors

Semi-Precious Stone slabs are handmade pieces of art. Natural Semi-Precious gemstones are hand-selected and arranged to create a visually dynamic, aesthetically pleasing design. They are then combined with an epoxy or resin to create large slabs. Every slab is handmade to perfection. From these slabs, we then custom cut your countertops to your exact measurements. Due to the mixing of gemstones and resin, a sealer is not required, as the surface is non-porous. Semi-Precious Stone countertops are slightly translucent, which makes LED backlighting an awesome design choice. LED backlighting creates a beautiful ambiance in the room while enhancing the look of the Semi Precious surface.

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Semi Precious Gemstone Countertops

Lapis Lazuli Semi-Precious Stone

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