Selecting your Countertop Edge

Selecting Your Countertop Edge

You’ve picked your material, now what?  Time to pick out an edge for your countertops!

Countertop Edges serve an important aesthetic purpose.  Edging can polish off your countertops and give your kitchen or bathroom that oompf you’re looking for. 

First, choose your thickness, 3 CM or 6 CM.  3 CM is the standard width, with 6 CM being fabricated for a more fancy look on countertops or freestanding tables.

We offer 11 different edge options for your countertop project.  Standard countertop width is 3 CM in thickness.

Some of our 3 CM edges are as follows:


Chiseled Edge

Flat Polished

Full Bullnose


Half Bullnose

Half Bullnose Edge



Demi Bullnose Edge



Ogee Flat



6 CM countertops are thicker, and 3 CM edges can be used on 6 CM material. However, there are two exclusive options that only work on 6cm, which are:



Mesa Edge

International Granite and Stone is the ONLY fabricator is all of Florida that fabricates a Cornice laminated edge.

To make a 6 CM work on a 3 CM countertops, additional material is required and is laminated underneath the stone to add the necessary width needed to manufacture the thicker, more elaborate edge.