Preparing for your Countertop Appointment: Things to Keep in Mind

Preparing For Your Appointment: Things To Keep In Mind

We center our In-Home Design Consultation around you and your specific project needs.  With that in mind, keep some questions in the back of your head to ask your Design Consultant during the appointment.

Before your appointment, We recommend lightly cleaning and clearing your countertops so your consultant can accurately inspect and measure your space.  Make sure to replace any light bulbs as necessary, as you’re going to want to see the countertop samples accurately in your lighting.

Preparing For Your Appointment: Things To Keep In Mind

Some questions to common questions that you could keep in mind for your Design Specialist include:

  • Do you offer any electrical or plumbing services?
  • Do you guys offer LED Under Cabinetry Lighting or Countertop Backlighting?
  • Do my countertops come with a warranty?
  • How do I clean my countertops?
  • Do you guys do small projects, like windowsills and tabletops?
  • Do you guys sell sealer with your countertops?
  • Do you offer any discounts?
  • Do you do other projects, like Outdoor Kitchens, or Fireplaces?