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Marble is a natural stone, formed under the Earth. Marble can be classified as a Metamorphic rock, meaning that over time, layers upon layers of limestone & calcium carbonate are subjected to heat and pressure, to form the beautiful stone pieces that we use to make your dream project. The swirls and colors throughout the stone are made from mineral deposits like clay, silt, sand, iron oxides or chert. The stone is then quarried from the Earth in big chunks or “slabs”. From these slabs, we then custom cut your countertops to your exact measurements.Due to the porous nature of Marble, your countertops MUST be sealed, ideally once a year. At International Granite & Stone, we offer a 15-year sealer option called DryTreat, so you don’t have to worry as much over the years. Marble is a softer stone, first introduced to the world by Italian artist Michelangelo, as the perfect sculpting stone. Due to its softness, Marble is more susceptible to etching, staining, and acidity. These countertops require professional installation, due to the weight of the stones. Our installers are professionally trained to install your countertops to perfection, we do not recommend Do It Yourself (DIY) Installation.Set up a Free In-Home Design Consultation Today to view Quartz samples in your home, in your own lighting, to ensure you love your future countertops.