How to Get the Look of Marble Countertops, for Less!

How to Get the Look of Marble Countertops, for Less!
How To Get The Look Of Marble, For Less!

Marble vs. Quartz: Which One Is Better? How to Fake the Look of Marble with Quartz


Marble is a natural stone, formed under the Earth. The stone can be classified as a Metamorphic rock, meaning that over time, layers upon layers of limestone & calcium carbonate are subjected to heat and pressure, to form the beautiful stone pieces that we use to make your dream project. The black and white swirls and colors throughout the stone are made from mineral deposits like clay, silt, sand, iron oxides , or chert.


Calacatta Borghini Marble

The different names of Marble come from the location where they were quarried.  Some marbles are rarer than others, meaning some types of marble are more expensive than others.  Different types of stone include Calacatta, Borghini, Carrara, Statutario, Emperador, and Crema Marfil.  Most of these marbles come from Italy, Spain, and Greece.

Marble NEEDS to be sealed, in order to preserve and maintain the life of your marble countertops.  The key to marble is making sure to clean up spills IMMEDIATELY, even with the sealant because Marble is a porous stone.


Quartz is an engineered stone. Unlike Granite, this stone is man-made, by combining 97% Crushed quartz crystals and 3% Polymer Resin. This makes the stone just as strong as granite, but slightly heavier.


Cambria Rosedale

A nice perk of these countertops is that they are low maintenance. The engineered stone is non-porous, meaning that the material doesn’t stain and doesn’t require a sealer, unlike Granite, Quartzite & Marble. This stone’s porosity is an ideal material for kitchen countertops, due to the fact that bacteria cannot absorb or linger within the stone.

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We also sell Zodiaq, Quantum Quartz, Silestone, & Caesarstone.

Get the Marble look, for less $$$!

Marble has long been an exquisite stone, most commonly used in sculptures, statues, flooring, and kitchen and bathroom countertops.  Marble’s elegance comes from its random, sporadic black veining.  The contrast of the black movement, against the white stone.  That’s what makes a classic marble so iconic, variation in pattern. 

As of late, quartz manufacturers have stepped their game up in terms of producing believable marble lookalikes.  Quartz is a popular option for countertops because of the low maintenance of the stone.  Several Brands pride themselves on making realistic marble colors, like Cambria Quartz.  Some Popular Cambria Marble look-a-like colors include Britannica, Swanbridge, Ella, Weybourne, Waverton, and Torquay.







Britannica Quartz


Weybourne Cambria Quartz



Waverton Cambria Quartz



Torquay Quartz