Our Countertop Manufacturing Process

Our Countertop Manufacturing Process
Our Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Your Countertops

At International Granite and Stone, we use the most advanced manufacturing machines and processes on the market. Why are these machines so important? Without them, all manufacturing would have to be done manually by hand. Doing it by hand would be a slow and tedious process, which would require more labor.  The cost of manual manufacturing is much higher because more people and more time are needed to complete the job.

So how Do Manufacturers Cut Down on Time?

In essence, the exclusion of water to polish the stone results in a low-quality finish at the edges of the stone. The edges end up looking opaque and often when you run your hand over the edge, you feel bumps and unevenness.  Water is a crucial part of cutting stone, ensuring a clean cut.  The margin of error in our manufacturing process is slim, meaning less time is wasted fixing mistakes or errors before installation.

International Granite Team

With CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology, these problems have disappeared. Our machinery always uses water.  All of our projects are expertly planned through CAD (Computer-Aided Design) in-house in our factory.  After a template is taken in your home, those dimensions are then digitally manipulated to give the CNC machines a plan to cut off of.  Since the machine is controlled by a computer, it follows the line of the edge to perfection, maintaining constant pressure on the stone, to ensure smooth, clean edges, and without bumps.

At International Granite and Stone, we take pride in crafting an Extraordinary Home Improvement experience, giving you the countertops you’ve always dreamed of. Our goal is to increase the value of your most important asset, you’re homewhile creating the perfect environment to share with your friends and family.  With over 15 years in the business, our goal is to go above and beyond to make sure you absolutely love your countertop renovation project.