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Cambria Quartz Countertops Largo

With over 15 years of expertise servicing the Largo area, International Granite and Stone handpicks only the best Granite slabs that we can find.

We inspect and mark all of our slabs for chips, pitting and scratches that may cause the granite to have a cosmetic defect or compromise it’s integrity.

We ensure that every slab of Granite we offer is top of the line quality. From our Builder-Grade up to our Exotics, International Granite and Stone can acquire any type of stone upon customer request.

Quartz is a recent and popular Countertop trend as of the past six or so years.

With HGTV pushing Quartz to their customers and viewers in Largo, their reach has grown and influenced buyers towards purchasing quartz, rather than granite.

Quartz is an amazing product, with special characteristics that outweigh granite and marble. Quartz is very popular in the Largo area.



Affordability- With prices starting in the low $40’s, Granite is the most affordable option on the market. This is a perfect option for customers on a tight or fixed budget.

Vast Color Selection-  with over 140 different online colors to choose from, Granite comes in many different color options. From Browns to Blues, we carry many different color options for every home. Upon customer request, we can also acquire requested colors or finishes from our partner warehouses and manufacturers.

The “Standard” Stone- For over 30 years, Granite has been the “go-to” stone for Countertops due to its durability, resistance to heat, and large color selection. Granite set the “standard” for what nice countertops should look and feel like, as opposed to laminate or particleboard.


Porosity- Natural Stone Countertops are very porous materials.  This means that water, wine, or other liquids or foods can seep into the stone, staining, corroding, or calcifying the stone.

Sealant- These Countertops MUST be sealed, due to it’s porosity to prevent staining. International Granite and Stone offers 15-year DryTreat Sealer on all our Natural Stone Countertops

Chips & Pitting- As with any natural stone,  there’s a chance that there will be slight cosmetic defects that are unavoidable, but do not compromise the slab’s integrity. There may be small natural indentations or pitting in your stone where water can get stuck or calcify, or crumbs can fall in.

Which One Should you Choose?

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Iron Red Granite
Iron Red Granite
Rosedale Cambria Quartz
Rosedale Cambria Quartz
Volga Blue Granite
Volga Blue Granite
Queen Anne Cambria Quartz
QueenAnne Cambria Quartz



Low Maintenance– Quartz is a non-porous stone, which does not require sealant like Natural Stone does. Quartz is impervious to staining and scratching, which makes this stone great for countertops with small children around or for the avid chef in your life.

Look-a-likes– Many quartz colors can look like Natural Stones, due to the fact that the stone is man-made.  There are colors designed to be Marble look-a-likes and Granite look-a-likes, with less maintenance.

Easy Cleanup– Cleanup is easy with Quartz Countertops. No special cleaner needed, just wipe it down with warm water and mild soap to clean your counters. Wipe stains up as soon as possible.


Price- Quartz Countertops are slightly more expensive than other Countertops. However you pay for peace of mind with quartz; you don’t have to worry about staining or scratching ,sealing your countertops, or worrying about abrasive cleaners that could wear down a stone’s sealant.

Country of Manufacturer- Some brands of Quartz are made overseas and are not held to the same standard as American-Made Materials.  Warranties offered from overseas countries may be harder to fulfill, as you get bounced around from call to call waiting on a response.

Resin Pooling- In rare cases, the resin used to bind the countertops together can create small hazy spots.  To avoid this, make sure you see the slabs your installer ordered before they cut them. Contact your installer if you find resin pooling spots in your Countertops.