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Brittanicca Gold Quartz Countertop Remodel in Palm Harbor Kitchen Countertops Palm Harbor

About this Kitchen Renovation

Looking for Kitchen Countertops Palm Harbor? Out with the old, and in with the Gold! Check out this recent Brittanicca Gold Quartz Countertop Project we completed out in Palm Harbor, Florida. Cambria Brittanicca Gold features flowing streams of copper gold, fog, and translucent greige coursing through this luxury design.  Originally from Pennsylvania and Texas, The Fitzgerald Family moved to Florida about three years ago, settling on a home by the water in Palm Harbor. The Fitzgerald’s home reflects the couple’s PennTexas heritage, with rich Texas Country Cowboy vibes throughout their Living Room Furniture and Decor. Matching their decor and living room was a must for this project.

“We knew we wanted Quartz because of it’s durability but wasn’t sure what color tone direction to go in.  Our Design Rep Jessica really helped us see our Kitchen come to life. with this project.”

Brittanicca Gold Kitchen Island with Cornice Edge Kitchen Countertops Palm Harbor
Brittanicca Gold Kitchen Island with Cornice Edge

Countertops Used in This Remodeling Project

Kitchen Countertops and Full Height Backsplash:

Previously, The homeowners had Corian Countertops in their Kitchen and had wanted something light, to brighten up space. The Fitzgerald’s also elected to bring the Britttanicca Gold Quartz material up onto the backsplash, drawing your eyes into their Kitchen. They replaced the Corian Countertops with Brittanicca Gold Countertops.  The homeowners also decided to use an upgraded Cornice Edge on the Island Countertops after using it in their first Kitchen. They also chose to use an upgraded Ogee edge around the perimeter of the Kitchen.

“We hated the Corian Countertops we had to begin with.  We love the color we chose, it looks terrific. We really liked the look of white but ended up loving the gold throughout the stone.  It was important to us to make sure that the coloring went with our Living Room Decor,” Mrs. Fitzgerald said.

Brittanicca Gold Kitchen with Full Height Backsplash Kitchen Countertops Palm Harbor
Brittanicca Gold Kitchen with Full Height Backsplash

Additional Remodeling Services

LED Lighting:

As part of their Kitchen Remodel, The Fitzgerald’s replaced their Kitchen Flooring. This helped lighten the space considerably. Finding the right balance between the browns of their Living Room was tricky, but ultimately paid off immensely. They also had International Granite and Stone install LED lighting under and on top of the cabinetry for additional lighting in the Kitchen. They also replaced their pendant light above the sink with a dimmable silver teardrop fixture.

“We really loved that IGS was able to handle our entire Kitchen Renovation Project.  From Sales, Service, Installation, and the After-Sale follow up, we’ve had a great experience from start to finish with International Granite and Stone.” Mr. Fitzgerald remarked.  “The attention and dedication to providing excellent customer service is apparent and greatly appreciated.”

Brittanicca Gold Kitchen with Full Height Backsplash Kitchen Countertops Palm Harbor
Brittanicca Gold Kitchen with Full Height Backsplash

High Bar Cutdown:

As part of their Kitchen Remodel, the Fitzgerald’s opted to have their Breakfast Bar cut down, creating a level L-shaped Island that marries the Kitchen space with the Living Room. Creating a more open-air environment was one of the main goals of this Kitchen Remodel.  By cutting down the High Bar, that allowed for One level piece of stone to lead into the Living Room Space, making the spaces blend together.  They were still able to retain their seating at the Counter, despite cutting down the High Bar.

Cambria Brittanicca Gold Quartz Countertop with Pop-Up Outlet Kitchen Countertops Palm Harbor
Cambria Brittanicca Gold Quartz Countertop with Pop-Up Outlet

Pop-Up Outlet Installation:

Are you ever cooking or entertaining and you suddenly realize you have no outlets available to plug in the tabletop appliances you’re trying to use?  That’s why the Fitzgerald’s decided to have a Pop-Up Outlet Installed! The Pop-Up Outlet sits flush on top of the Countertop, push down and the outlet pops up, revealing 6 outlets and USB Power ports as well.  This is also a great feature in cramped Kitchens, or for people who dislike looking at wall outlets. The Fitzgerald’s opted to put the Pop-Up Outlet on their Island, to accommodate crockpots when they throw parties, and for charging their electronics while sitting in the Kitchen.

Pictures of Brittanicca Gold Quartz Kitchen Countertops Palm Harbor

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