From Countertops to Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Important Changes to Consider in a Kitchen Remodel

From Countertops To Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Important Changes To Consider In A Kitchen Remodel
From Countertops To Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Important Changes To Consider In A Kitchen Remodel

There are key areas of your home you can improve to increase your property value, and the kitchen is one of them. 

In fact, it’s probably the most renovated part of the household for most homeowners. About 79% of home remodels are done to the kitchen, which goes to show its popularity. But what type of work is being done to cooking spaces? Is it replacing the kitchen cabinet doors, floors or countertops? Let’s review what you should consider doing for the restoration of your kitchen.

Functionality Is Everything With Kitchen Cabinet Doors

It doesn’t matter what improvements you make to your kitchen, if it doesn’t add to (or worse, detracts from) the functionality of the space, then it’s a waste of dollars. There are various ways you can enhance the functions of your cooking space. For instance, you can add more storage space, countertop space or rearrange your kitchen work triangle. If you’re not familiar with the kitchen work triangle, it’s the distance between your refrigerator, stove, and sink. These shouldn’t be too close or too far apart. In other words, you want easy access to where you wash dishes, prep food, and store food. Then if you can do this in style, then that’s an added bonus! So let’s look at some of the ways you can improve functionality and aesthetic appeal for your kitchen.

Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Now, there are two options here – you can either replace your entire cabinetry or simply refinish the kitchen cabinet doors. If your current cabinets are small or too high or low, then it’s best to replace them. You can have a cabinet set customized to your liking. For example, you can purchase cabinetry that’s larger for additional storage space or that’s installed lower for accessibility purposes. Maybe you have someone in the home who’s in a wheelchair. Or maybe, you’re looking to age-proof your home for when you grow older and can’t step up on a ladder to reach your dishes. Whatever you decide to do, the goal is to ensure your kitchen cabinet doors look flawless. Also, don’t forget about updating the knobs on the doors with something unique, yet chic.

Update the Kitchen Floors

Choosing a cheap material for your kitchen flooring is a huge mistake. For one, it won’t last long and you’ll have to dish out more money to have them replaced. So over time, you’ll end up spending more money. Your best bet is to invest in beautiful, quality floor materials, such as hardwood, ceramic tile, or stone. The key is to install a floor that can withstand spills, moisture, and foot traffic.

Create More Space With A Kitchen Island

What makes kitchen islands special is that they are gorgeous and improve functionality. You can use it as an additional space for dining, prepping, and washing dishes. Some homeowners choose to relocate their sink to the island or leave it bare. The added cabinet space is also a big plus. Not to mention, the type of counters you choose can also enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

Don’t Overlook Your Kitchen Countertops

Speaking of countertops, it’s very important not to underestimate the power of updating them. Because one, you can increase the value of your kitchen. And two, it can make your kitchen look and feel better. The quality of the material you use will determine the aforementioned. For instance, opting for a natural stone like granite is a great choice. However, there are also engineered options, such as quartz. Both are known for their durability, longevity, and breathtaking surfaces. No two counters are exactly the same, which makes them like your own unique design fingerprint. So it’s important to opt for something of high quality. Skimping on your counters with a cheap material is a horrible mistake. Doing so will ruin the appearance of your kitchen. And you’ll spend more money repairing or replacing it. For example, going with vinyl will only lead to problems with peeling, warping, and stains. Consistently replacing your counters will cost you more over time than it is to invest in a quality material once. Not to mention, the value of your home isn’t increased when you install cheap counters. So let’s review two of the hottest options on the market today.

Granite Countertops

Granite happens to be the most popularly used countertop today and for good reason – it’s beautiful and long-lasting. There are an array of color options to choose from. Anyone who knows how to design a kitchen will enjoy pairing granite with the rest of the room’s d?cor. For instance, pairing your granite counters with the kitchen cabinet doors. Some choose to go with granite that has a similar background color as the cabinets, but with dark veins. Then the other option is to go with contrasting colors. For example, using a lighter colored granite with specks and veins that match the darker cabinetry. Stone is also widely used for backsplashes, which you can also match with your countertop. The maintenance for granite is easy, requiring only mild detergent and warm water to clean. Sealing it also helps it to last longer. This makes the surface more resistant to scratches and stains.

Quartz Countertops

Engineered quartz is quickly growing in popularity among homeowners because of its longevity and natural appearance. It looks a lot like a natural stone and comes in a large variety of color options. Engineered quartz counters consist of over 90% quartz mixed together with resins and pigments. It doesn’t require sealing, like with natural stones. Its durability alone makes it an attractive choice. The maintenance for quartz is very simple. All you need is a rag, warm water, and mild soap to keep it looking like new.  It’s nonporous, so no need to worry about stains caused by food and drink spills.

Updating the Countertops In Your Home

Your remodel should be about more than just kitchen cabinet doors and floors. Without stunning countertops, your kitchen is missing a core piece of its functionality. Quality counters are made to last and enhance your d?cor. And you can make this happen for your kitchen with the help of International Granite & Stone. Not only will we fabricate your stone slabs, but we’ll install them as well.

If you’re looking for gorgeous granite or quartz for your countertops, then contact us today!