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Iron Red Granite

Iron Red Granite is an eye-attracting and distinctive red granite stone, mixed by deep red, black and gray veins.

Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $5.00. $5.00

1 review for Iron Red Granite

  1. Ryan

    This is one of the most stunning materials in person. The red has areas that are fire red to burgundy, linear striations, from iron deposits. The material was so hard, the people go did my kitchen said it would be their last.
    I have tried to reach out to this company, IGS, for two weeks. I have provided my name, number, email, quantity, the exact sizes needed, and I am offering to pay cash. If you have a square foot minimum, please let me know. I need 3 bids, I have 2, both do not have the material to view. I need to see this stone in person, ti see if it is the same as I see here. What is the sale amount? I basically have 33sq ft of Pretoria, it was cut by another big local company and it was horrifically done. I have two desk, one long entertainment center top, and a table. All flat polished, no corner roundness. The dimensions are (2) 20 x 38 (1) 20×80. Please respond to this, this is a serious inquiry. I just want it cut, and given to me. The home is a year out. I’d like this to be done soon. I am available Tuesday. There is no home to come to, the home is not built. This is not for cabinets. No install. Pick up anytime. I will sign a disclosure for the template sizes and no install. I just want the stone, and not one REAL person will co firm they have it. How can it be on Sale??? No one will sell it to me.

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