How to Choose Vanity Tops for Your Bathroom

How To Choose Vanity Tops For Your Bathroom
How To Choose Vanity Tops For Your Bathroom

Well, it’s time for a bathroom makeover, and you’re still envisioning your desired style.

Whether you want a modern or traditional style, everything needs to connect. This means your shower floor, toilet, bathtubs, vanity, and vanity tops must have a flowing design.

One of the essential parts are the vanity tops, also known as bathroom countertops. There are plenty of options available in the market. This can make it confusing to find the right one for your bathroom style.

As such, this post is going to help you determine the right vanity top for your bathroom.

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Consider Material

The right countertop option needs to withstand soaps, toothpaste, water, cosmetics and other products you use. Ideally, you want something that will endure your daily hygiene needs.

Let’s explore some of the popular materials.

1. Manmade Stone

Manmade options are designed to meet certain requirements and needs. They’re usually stain-resistant and eco-friendly. Plus, they come in a variety of styles, textures, and colors to complement your design.

Manufactured stones are made of concrete. They are then artificially painted to resemble a real stone. The good thing about this stone is that it allows for wide range of styles and colors depending on a project’s requirements.

Manmade stones are relatively expensive, but the boast optimal durability. The looks are just as attractive as natural options.

2. Natural Stone

Granite and marble are the two most popular natural stones. They are great materials for your vanity tops. This is because they are low maintenance, eco-friendly, and heat-resistant.

Other popular options include limestone, sandstone, soapstone, and slate. These stones also tend to be expensive. But they are undeniably great options for your bathroom if you want value for your money.

However, bear in mind that natural stones can stain. Also, they tend to be heavier. So, you’ll need adequate support beneath the vanity.

3. Wood

If you love a rustic style of a farmhouse bathroom, then a waterproof countertop is ideal for you. There are also wood tops that have a sleek finish to complete your modern bathroom.

Most people usually have concerns about water and wood. That’s usually not a problem if the wood has the right sealer. Some are chemically treated and engineered to prevent possible damage.

Don’t forget that wood has been a favorite material for boat building for thousands of years. So, water damage shouldn’t freak you out. Some popular options include maple, cherry, and bamboo. They’re available in different stains and types, too.

When choosing wood, be sure to check that they’re sealed properly. Also, you need to know that you’ll need to refinish them over time.

4. Acrylic-Resin

This material usually offers a solid surface for vanity tops. They come in a variety of solid colors and subtle patterns to suit your design. Acrylic-resin countertops are resistant to stains, bacteria, and water.

They are also extremely durable. Their wide range of styles can make them great alternatives to natural stones. If your bathroom has a high-moisture environment, then this countertop material is a great choice.

Acrylic-resin countertops can sometimes be inconsistent. You need to be careful when shopping for the right options.

Other Materials

Bear in mind that these are not just the only options you have. You have other options, such as concrete, tile, recycled glass, stainless steel, and lava.

Stainless steel has limited designs and colors, but it’s great for contemporary and retro designs. It can last up to 25 years or even more when used well.

Recycled glass comes in a variety of options with different color infusions. They’re resistant to heat and scratches. However, they’re prone to cracking, staining, and chipping.

Tiles are available in different options, including glass, porcelain, and ceramic. Each option is available in varied colors, shapes, and sizes for any design needs. They are resistant to stain, heat, and moisture.

Designs and Colors

L-shaped and rectangular vanities are the most popular designs. So, you can choose a material depending on how they appear on a particular design.

Traditionally, countertops are mounted on cabinets and vanities. However, you can give your bathroom a modern feel by installing floating vanity tops. Be sure to use the save vanity-top material your backsplash and sink.

The material you choose will largely dictate the color. Of course, you want something that blends with your existing bathroom style and theme. Bear in mind that there are also patterned options.

Ideally, your bathroom decor will determine your color option.

Plan Your Budget

No one likes it when they replace their vanity tops too soon. As such, it helps to consider the durability of the material.

Of course, the material and size of your vanity will determine your budget. Marble is usually the most expensive material. One reason for this is its luxurious feel. Price can range from $80 to $150 per square foot.

Granite and quartz are fairly costly but more reasonable than marble. If you love their style and design, they can be great natural stones for your vanity tops. Plus, they are more popular than marble in terms of use.

Lava stone seems to be the most costly material. It costs over $150 per square foot.

Affordable materials will range from $10 to $50 per square foot. Examples include tiles and laminate materials.

Keep in mind there is also the cost of labor. This will depend on the type of material, size, and complexity of the project

Overall, natural stones are the most expensive than manmade stones and wood.

Vanity Tops – Final Thoughts

Choosing the right vanity tops for your bathroom doesn’t need to be complicated. There are different options for just about any budget and bathroom design.

At International Granite & Stone, we make the entire selection process easier. We offer a wide range of countertops, including quartz, natural stone, and luxury options. You can also get inspiration from our past work to help make your decision.

If you are looking for the ideal countertops for your bathroom vanity, click here to get started. Our in-home advisor will visit you after filling our form to help you understand your options.