Installing Brown Fantasy Kitchen Countertops in Pasco County

Granite Countertops Pasco Fl

Brown Fantasy is an awesome choice for Natural Stone Countertops in Pasco, Fl.  A popular stone selection at International Granite and Stone, Brown Fantasy is a Granite/Quartzite Combo. The stone’s composition is commonly confused on the Internet.  Brown Fantasy Granite Countertops are made from Calcites underneath the ground, similar to how Marble forms.  This is often why people believe Brown Fantasy is a Marble, even though it isn’t.  Although it is stronger and denser than Marble, it still requires a sealer to protect the stone from staining and scratching.

Granite Countertops Pasco Fl

Replacing Chipped Laminate Countertops

This Project in Pasco, Fl originally had gray-white laminate countertops, that were chipped in many spots. The place where the material was joined, the seam, was falling down, causing the countertop to be uneven.  

Granite Countertops Pasco Fl

About this Kitchen Countertop Project

The Homeowners, the Newton’s, moved in earlier this year and knew immediately that the first project they wanted to pursue was redoing to the kitchen.  The kitchen needed a major facelift. The Homeowners added more cabinets and added a Kitchen Island.

Jessica A., one of our Design Specialists, met with the Newton’s in their home to discuss Countertop Options while their Kitchen Remodel Project was underway.  Wanting to brighten the kitchen, Mrs. Newton was adamant about neutral colors.  The new Cabinetry the Newton’s ordered were white, so everything had to flow together and match.

“Buying the Countertops was the easiest part of the project. Thanks to Jessica’s attention to detail and amazing communication skills.”

Granite Countertops Pasco Fl

Countertops Used in this Home Renovation

Kitchen Countertops:

With Design Consultant Jessica’s help, The Newton’s decided to use the Brown Fantasy Granite for the Kitchen Countertops.

Granite Countertops Pasco Fl

Full Height Backsplash:

The homeowners also decided to use Brown Fantasy Granite as a Full Height Backsplash as well.  Full Height Backslashes made from stone are a great alternative to Tile Backsplash, due to the fact that there is less grout to stain and get dirty.

Granite Countertops Pasco Fl

Laundry Room Countertops:

A piece of the Brown Fantasy Granite was also used in their Laundry Room, for a cohesive countertop look.

Granite Countertops Pasco Fl

Bathroom Countertops:

The Homeowners also used the remaining Brown Fantasy Remnant piece from the Kitchen and Laundry Projects for a Hall Bathroom.

Before and After Brown Fantasy Granite Quartzite Kitchen Countertops Remodel white cabinets

What are Brown Fantasy Granite Countertops?

Brown Fantasy is a white, light brown granite color that features curved veins, sometimes with green or black in them  This color is known for its gorgeous waving movement. Brown Fantasy Granite is sourced from India.  This granite color pairs well with many different cabinets colors because of its neutral coloring. Granite is made under the Earth, compressed with heat and pressure to form rock hard granite chunks, that are then sliced into slabs for countertops. Brown Fantasy is a universal white brown color, that will never go out of style.

Pictures of Brown Fantasy Granite Installed in Pasco, Fl Kitchen

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