Granite Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Installation in Lakeland FL

Granite Countertops Lakeland FL
Baltic Brown Granite Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Looking for Granite Countertops in Lakeland FL? Read about a recent Granite Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Installation that International Granite and Stone completed for the Buchanan Family in Lakeland, FL. Outdoor Kitchens deserve some Granite love too! Adorn your Outdoor Kitchen with Granite Countertops that will last a lifetime and enhance your backyard space.

Baltic Brown Granite Outdoor Kitchen Countertop with Blaze Grill and Fake Brick Fascia
Baltic Brown Granite Outdoor Kitchen with Blaze Grill

About the Home Owners & The Project

Having lived in Florida since 1991,  The Buchanan family decided to build their dream home earlier this year.  Building started in the Summer of 2017, with the Buchanan’s deciding they wanted to build an Outdoor Kitchen space.  The Buchanan’s started the Countertop Buying Process, by first looking online where she stumbled onto the IGS Countertops website.  Doing their due diligence, the Buchanan’s went to two stone shops before coming to International Granite and Stone.

“We were pleasantly surprised with your price, and we loved the International Granite and Stone Showroom in Odessa.  The showroom’s presentation is what won us over.  We even copied some of your cabinets in our bathroom.” Mr. Buchanan said.

Baltic Brown Granite Full Slab
Baltic Brown Granite Full Slab

Building a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

From there, the Buchanan’s scheduled an In-Home Consultation, with IGS Designer Pedro M., to go over the scope of work in more detail.  For the Outdoor Kitchen, The Buchanan’s chose Baltic Brown.  Granite Countertops are the ideal stone choice for Outdoor Kitchens because they don’t fade easily in the sun. 

Mr. Buchanan designed the Outdoor Kitchen as his own personal cooking space because of his love of grilling out.  They use the grilling area about two to three times a week and chose Baltic Brown Granite Countertops for a more natural look to match the pavers and brick veneers. The Brick veneers are also featured inside in the Buchanan Living Room around the Fireplace.

Baltic Brown Granite Outdoor Kitchen Countertops with Pull-Down Faucet

Choosing Countertop Material for an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens work best with a Natural Stone Countertop like Granite, as opposed to Quartz.  Quartz Countertops are not recommended for use in direct sunlight, as the resin that binds the material together may change color over time with UV exposure.  With Quartz, Sunlight through a window is absolutely OK, as your window filters out the UV rays, but direct sunlight is a no-no. A Granite Outdoor Kitchen is a great addition to any Backyard Entertaining Space.

Baltic Brown Granite Countertops featuring an Ogee Edge

Installing Granite Countertops in an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens are generally much easier to install, given the more open atmosphere they are located in, and fewer doorways to travel through.  Did you know that our staff assesses your doorways and stairways before we start production on your job?  We do this during the Template phase, to be able to accurately gauge how big of pieces our Installers will be able to fit the pieces of your Granite Outdoor Kitchen through your doorways or stairwell.

Close Up of Baltic Brown Granite ODK

Our Sales Team and Template Team will take videos of the Countertops and surrounding areas to send back to our Production Team.

With this Granite Outdoor Kitchen, our team of Installers was able to carry it right into the Lanai area, straight from the truck.  Installation took about half an hour. 

Tip: If you have already bought or picked out a Grill top for your Outdoor Kitchen, please send the Grill’s info and specifications to your Design Consultant and your Project Manager

Pictures of Baltic Brown Granite Outdoor Kitchen Installation

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