Fair Trade Quartz Countertops: The In’s and Out’s

Fair Trade Quartz Countertops Cambria Quartz Countertops are Fair Trade Quartz Countertops

What is Fair Trade?

What is Fair Trade?
What is Fair Trade?

“Fair Trade” is a term used to describe a business relationship between producers and exporters, in which the producer is paid a fair price for their goods.  Fair Trade protects smaller producers, ensuring they get the proper amount of money for their products.  The “proper amount” would cover the costs to produce the goods, as well as providing a living wage for the producer.  Fair Trade Producers must be Certified as such, and follow certain principles and guidelines.  Fair Trade farmers and producers make their goods through sustainable means, ensuring that they’re business and livelihood stays afloat for years to come.  Fair Trade producers also have better working conditions, and cannot be subjected to forced slave labor.  Child labor is also prohibited amongst Fair Trade Certified Cooperatives.

What are Fair Trade Quartz Countertops?

Fair Trade Countertops are made from manufacturers and producers that pay their workers fair wages to mine and transport the stone used to make the Countertops.  Fair Trade Countertops ensure the health and safety of their employees.  Mining and Transportation can involve heavy labor, and

Who sells Fair Trade Quartz Countertops?

Who Sells Fair Trade Quartz? Cambria Sells Fair Trade Quartz Silestone Caesarstone
Who Sells Fair Trade Quartz?

Currently, the only Companies that sell Fair Trade Quartz Countertops in the United States are Cambria Quartz from America, Silestone from Spain, and Caesarstone from Israel.

Fair Trade Quartz in the News

Cambria Anti-Dumping Lawsuit

Cambria Anti Dumping Lawsuit Against China Spearheaded by CEO Marty Davis
Cambria Anti Dumping Lawsuit Against China Spearheaded by CEO Marty Davis

Cambria Quartz, a family owned, Minnesota based company, has started a huge lawsuit against China involving both the International and Federal Trade Commissions.  China’s illegal dumping of Chinese Quartz into America’s Free Market has disrupted American Quartz Brands, in amounts in excess of $1.2 billion. 

According to the World Trade Organization, Dumping “occurs when goods are exported at a price less than their normal value, generally meaning they are exported for less than they are sold in the domestic market or third-country markets, or at less than production cost.” 

Consumers are always looking for the best price and value, big brands and companies undercut the farmers, workers, and producers, in order to make a cost-effective product to sell to the mass market.  In this case, the Chinese Government issued subsidies to Chinese quartz slab producers in an effort to destroy the domestic quartz slab market.  As a result, Chinese quartz slabs were imported into the United States at a price below the cost to manufacture the same slabs in America.  This created an unfair advantage and unfairly traded goods in the American Market, ultimately hurting the American worker. 

The U.S. Department of Commerce investigated the matter and as of May 16th, 2019, has found that Chinese Quartz was indeed traded unfairly in the United States Free Market.  Countervailing Duty Rates and Anti-Dumping Rates on the imports of quartz slabs from China have been determined, and the Chinese owe America retroactive duties up to 330%. This will dramatically change the US Market, making fairly traded quartz products on an equal playing field.

Why Buy Fair Trade Quartz Countertops

Why Fair Trade is Important
Why Fair Trade is Important

Buying from a Fair Trade business goes a long way.  The money helps small farmers and producers feed their families, and invest in their business.  Fair Trade companies also help fund social learning, infrastructure, and wellness programs for youth and the public in developing countries.  The Fair Trade process ensures that everyone is treated respectfully for their time and work, and paid a fair wage. Buying Fair Trade means you are not supporting Child Labor, Forced Slave Labor, or unfair wages less than the standard of living. Buying Cheaper, Non-Fair Trade Countertops can result in poorer quality material.  Click Here to read about some Issues our Customers have had with Chinese Quartz Countertops.

Where to Buy Fair Trade Quartz Countertops

International Granite and Stone is a supporter of Fair Trade practices and actively retail Fair Trade Quartz Countertops to the Public.  For more Information about Quartz, Schedule a Free In-Home Estimate Appointment and learn how your Countertops can make a difference today.