Digital Countertop Slab Layout

Digital Countertop Slab Layout
Digital Countertop Slab Layout

What is Digital Countertop Slab Layout?

Digital Countertop Slab Layout is an optional, but important design service we offer here at International Granite and Stone. 

For an additional fee, we can hand-select the parts of the slabs to use and lay it all out for you to review. 

How does it Work?

Once your job has been templated, the slabs of stone can be ordered.

The purchased slabs then get photographed and uploaded onto special computer software. 

Pictured here is Cambria Quartz Brittannica


The template is then placed over the pictures of the purchased slabs. The best orientation for the pieces and the customer’s intended design are laid out and arranged.

The pieces are then oriented for the customer’s intended design and then laid out and arranged to fit on the slabs.

This service is especially crucial for heavily veined colors, and for customers who want the design to flow and ebb across the different slabs. This allows for the continuation of a pattern across multiple slabs. 

This also reduces waste, as we can layout the template over the slabs, to try and utilize as much of the stone as possible.

Digital Countertop Slab Layout

International Granite and Stone is the only fabrication shop in the Bay Area who offers Digital Slab Layout, for an additional cost.