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Crema Marfil 1×1 Tumbled In 12×12 Mesh

Simple, refined, and charming, our Crema Marfil 1×1 tumbled tiles, available in a 12×12 mesh for ease of installation, are a great choice for countertops, backsplashes, walls, and floors. Blanched almond, buttermilk, and rosy-beige hues give this neutral pattern its warmth. This inviting marble, imported from Spain, is outstanding in homes and businesses alike.

Item Description: Crema Marfil 1×1 Tumbled In 12×12 Mesh
Collection: Crema Marfil
Primary Color(s) : Beige
Material Type: Marble
Country: Spain
Size: 1×1
Available Finishes: Tumbled


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