Crafting Your Dream Countertops: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you tired of your outdated countertops? Are you longing for a kitchen or bathroom transformation that reflects your unique style? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the seamless process of customizing your dream countertops with our expert team. From the initial consultation to the final installation, International Granite and Stone has got you covered every step of the way.


Step 1: Schedule Your Free Design Consultation

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The journey to your dream countertops begins with a simple step – scheduling your free design consultation. Our team will bring our mobile showroom directly to your doorstep, allowing you to explore a wide range of samples in the comfort of your own space. With our samples of stone and backsplash against your lighting and cabinets, you’ll get a clear vision of how your new design will complement your existing décor.


Step 3: Your Personal Countertop Concierge

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Upon deciding to proceed with your project, you’ll be paired with your own personal countertop concierge. This dedicated expert will serve as your guide throughout the entire process, addressing any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Consider them your trusted companion on your journey to your dream countertops.


Step 4: Template Date and Digital Layout

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With your countertop concierge by your side, we’ll schedule a template date where our highly professional team will come out to your home to obtain exact measurements with our laser template machine. These measurements will then be sent back to our office, where our skilled team will create a digital layout showcasing how your countertops will look upon completion. This step ensures that every detail is meticulously planned to perfection.


Step 5: Custom Cutting and Preparation

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Once you’ve approved the digital layout, we’ll begin the process of preparing your chosen stone for custom cutting. With state-of-the-art machinery worth millions of dollars, we guarantee precise and accurate cuts that will bring your vision to life.


Step 6: Installation Day

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The day you’ve been eagerly awaiting has arrived – installation day! Our experienced team will arrive promptly at your home to install your new countertops, sinks, and backsplash with precision and care. Rest assured, we’ll leave your space immaculate, so you can start enjoying your upgraded home immediately.


Step 7: Enjoy Your New Space

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Congratulations! With your new countertops installed, it’s time to bask in the beauty of your transformed space. Whether you’re cooking up a storm in your revamped kitchen or enjoying a relaxing bath in your updated bathroom, your dream countertops are sure to bring joy and satisfaction for years to come.